Donaroo Headliner Tinashe Sits Down With the Foghorn

Prior to Donaroo, Tinashe ate french fries and talked to her mom on the phone – a typical Saturday night for many college students. But in Tinashe’s case, she was about to take the stage for hundreds of USF students, awaiting her and chanting her name. Minutes before her Donaroo debut, Tinashe, who is a Black Entertainment Television and Soul Train award-nominated singer and dancer, allowed USFtv and the Foghorn to sit down with her for a USF exclusive interview.


Who are your major influences when writing and performing?

T: Growing up, I was really inspired mostly by Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Sade Adu – a lot of performers who really put on a great performance, and they sang and danced and had a great live show.


What advice would you give USF students who are trying to break into the music scene?

T: First of all, do whatever you can to put yourself out there. Get your music heard by as many people you can. Definitely make the music, create your own content. There are so many computer programs and ways you can make your own videos and music. Just try to build your own fan base. Definitely don’t give up. It’s going to be a long process. It’s going to take a long time, but keep persevering.


Do you write your own music?

T: I write the majority of my own music, and I collaborate a lot sometimes with other writers. It’s really important to make sure that my music is coming from me.


What does that song writing process look like for you?

T: The creative process isn’t cut and dry. There is no set-in-stone list of what to do, how to achieve something creatively. Every single time, you never know what’s going to happen. It depends on the day.


What went into “2 on,” your most popular song to date?

T: It was wild. I made the song with some friends, on a random night. And had no idea what it would turn into.


What is your biggest accomplishment this far in your career?

T: Getting an album out is, like, crazy. It’s a really big deal. It’s a hard thing to accomplish. I think that’s my biggest achievement, and getting my second album out will be my second greatest achievement.


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