Dons’ Doubles in the Finals

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This past weekend, both the men’s and women’s tennis teams played in the ninth Battle of The Bay Classic tournament. It is the third time in which both teams have competed together. The tournament was held at the California Tennis Club in San Francisco, one of the first private tennis clubs in America. The club was founded in 1884 and has been open for over 130 years.

The men’s and women’s teams faced difficult brackets in this year’s Classic. The men’s team competed against some of the highest ranked players in the country, including Southern California (ranked sixth), two players from Georgia (ranked seventh and eighth) and a player from Cal (ranked 10th). Additionally, they competed against players from Santa Barbara, Portland, San Diego, Hawaii and Pepperdine. These players from all over the country competed for a wild card position which would grant entry into the Tiburon Challenger. The Tiburon Challenger is a professional tournament with prize money set at $100,000.


The Dons had four players from the men’s team competing in both singles and doubles; sophomore Mert Zincirli, junior Ryan Marker and seniors Johan Joenhagen and Oliver Poysti all competed in the singles bracket, and then Zincirli and Poysti as doubles partners along with Joenhagen and Marker as doubles partners.


The women’s team competed against players from six California schools, which included Santa Clara, Fresno State, San Jose State, University of Southern California and University of the Pacific. Players competed against one another not only for the tournament title, but also a wild card, granting entry into the Fairfield Challenger. The Fairfield Challenger is equivalent to the Men’s Tiburon Challenger. The women’s team had six players competing in the Battle of the Bay Classic, with sophomore Emily Maxfield and juniors Shanna Dos Santos, Hanna Borjeson and Margarita Treyes competing in the singles bracket. In the doubles bracket, Dos Santos partnered up with freshman Alexa Meyer, and Maxfield with freshman Mya Bui.


On the second day of the tournament, the Dons fought hard and it paid off. The USF Don Pyosti was paired in a mixed team with a player from Texas Christian University to challenge a doubles team from Portland. A mixed team is when two players from different schools are paired on the same side in a doubles match. Pyosti finished with a win for the Dons despite being on a mixed team. This victory took Pyosti to the finals, which were held the next day. The women’s doubles team of Dos Santos and freshman Anna Sokiran, defeated Pacific, earning them a position in Sunday’s consolation finals. The Dons are especially proud to have two teams competing in the finals, as they are the hosts of the Classic this year.


On Sunday, Meyer from the women’s team lost against a competitor from Fresno State in the women’s Sunday Extra Singles match. The women’s doubles team, Amber Del Rosario and Alisha Sharma, lost against the duo from the University of the Pacific in round 1 of the finals.


Looking ahead, the men’s team will be competing in the Stockton Challenger Qualifying Tournament this Saturday. The tournament, located in Stockton, Calif., will last the duration of the weekend. The women’s team is looking forward to the Cal Berkeley Invitational, which will also be held this coming weekend.

Featured Photo: Margarita Treyes battles in the Bay over the weekend (donsathletics Flickr)


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