Dons Make History in the Classroom

When we think of student athletes, we often think of big victories, away games, cheering fans and hours of grueling practice. However, we often forget about the first half of their title: “student.” On top of their physical duties as athletes, the Dons are expected to excel in the classroom and fulfill their responsibilities as students, first and foremost.


During their respective seasons, these athletes miss cumulative weeks of school for away games. They are out of classrooms for days on end and are still expected to uphold the same standard of academic excellence as their classmates. And in the fall semester, while we were busy watching the Dons fiercely compete in their sports, they were quietly making the grade, managing to post a 3.39 cumulative GPA – a historical high for the program.


As it turns out, the women of cross country and track & field are just as proficient in their sport as they are in the classroom. While they were making themselves known on a national level, the team was also burning holes in their notebooks, with 11 members of the team pulling in 4.0 GPAs – all the while managing to be the highest-achieving athletic team of the fall semester.


The cumulative 3.56 that the cross country and track & field ladies turned in last semester was only succeeded by the women’s soccer team, who raked in a cumulative 3.59, the highest GPA of all Dons teams. The tennis teams also made the grade, with the women’s team posting a cumulative 3.52 GPA and the men posting a 3.31 average.


While some may not associate brawn with brains, the two traits have been proven to coexist peacefully here at USF. The Dons have proven themselves to be top performers both in their sports and when sitting behind their desks and will undoubtedly continue to contribute to USF’s already-stellar reputation – both athletically and academically.

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