EGB, Rex Walters Present at Senate

The end of the fall elections for ASUSF Senate are an indicator that Senate is in full swing for the year. With a full group ready to go, with the exception of open positions for one senior class, one junior class, one non-traditional age and one LGBTQ representative, big things are in the works.

At the meeting on Sept. 22, the Senate reshaped their mission statement to reflect the values of the current group, as is customary every fall. Led by Vice President of Mission Alia Al-Sharif, the senators were asked to identify their own personal mission statements before working as a group. Vice President Al-Sharif shared her mission of “working together for world peace,” as an example. The Senators followed her example and shared statements; Patrick Sudlow, junior class representative, said his mission was to “promote positive social change.”

After brainstorming ideas, the statement was completed at their meeting on Sept. 29 to include the ideas of the newly elected senators. The new mission statement is similar to last year’s in that it highlights the Senate’s goals to be the voice of every student while working for change on the campus. In this meeting the Electoral Governing Board was present to give a report on the voter turnout results for the latest election. At 10 percent voter turnout for the entire undergraduate population, EGB reported the best fall election season in recent ASUSF history. In ASUSF elections, major positions such as the executive board, are elected in the spring, resulting in a higher voter turnout than fall. With the publicity efforts of Corinne Hernandez, Hannah DeKay, Erick Irigoyen and the general EGB membership, elections continue to improve and grow each year.

Men’s basketball coach Rex Walters was the first administrator to be on the Senate agenda for the 2009-2010 school year. He shared his efforts to make USF proud of the basketball program again, and bring back the spirit seen “back in the day.” He also stressed the importance of the true student-athlete, putting school, work and future careers before basketball, unlike other universities where athletes are pressured to put sports first. “We’re going to be the true student-athlete,” Walters said, “Guys that when they leave USF, you’re not going to forget them. You won’t want to forget them.” He asked the assistance of the senate to get more students to the games, and applauded them on their efforts to boost school spirit this year.

With the first month of school behind them, ASUSF Senate is working this month on follow through with resolutions from last year. Two major changes to campus this fall– the extended hours of the Public Safety Shuttle and new commuter student lockers– are a direct result of last year’s efforts to represent student needs on campus. To ask questions about these initiatives to the Senate, email, or attend one of the meetings held every Tuesday evening from 6-8 p.m. in UC 222.

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