Events Around the City: Valentine’s Day Edition

Tank Hill
One of the best kept secrets of the city, Tank Hill is the perfect place for a romantic picnic with its sweeping, panoramic view of the San Francisco and an abundance of natural beauty. Although it gets chilly (and there is a bit of a hike to the top of the hill) the scenery is more than worth it. The location is more private than its counterpart, Twin Peaks. As an unexpected bonus, the cold weather is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with that special someone.
2 Belgrave Avenue (at Bigler Avenue)

Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight
As it turns out, smashing people in the face with pillows is a surprisingly romantic way to spend the holiday. Even the unattached flock to this event, which takes place annually, to have a great time on a day typically characterized by more gentle feelings.
The pros recommend wearing a helmet, bringing clean pillows and avoiding those made with tempur-pedic material, which apparently feels like taking a brick to the face when it hits you. Also be sure to show up on time and try not to bring feather pillows, which don’t last long in battle.
6 p.m Justin Herman Plaza

This chic spot is a must for anyone with a serious sweet tooth, with a menu comprised of solely gourmet desserts.
The setting, both intimate and romantic, is also light-hearted, featuring an array of board games that you can play to burn off the inevitable sugar high.
1335 Fulton Street (between Broderick St & Divisadero St)

Blue Danube Coffee House
More romantic than a lunch date and less committal than dinner, coffee is a great option for Valentine’s Day, especially if it’s a relatively new relationship.
Conveniently located in the Inner Richmond district, The Blue Danube is an unusually cozy spot with a few couches that are fantastic for some light canoodling (but please, don’t be that gag-worthy couple that spoons in front of everyone).
The coffee is great, the smoothies are delectable, and there isn’t a pastry that’s anything less than delicious. Keep in mind they only accept cash.
It’s also a great place when you want to try to prolong the date, with the neighborhood staples Genki Crepe and Green Apple Bookstore just a quick jaunt down the street.
306 Clement St (between 4th Ave & 5th Ave)

Musée Mécanique
Really cool antique machines? Check. Slightly creepy mechanical marionettes? Check. Fantastic photo booth? Check.
Musée Mécanique is a unique date spot to say the least and it makes for an evening of nostalgic fun on Pier 45. This vast collection of machines ranges from fortune dispensers to decades old arcade games and a photo booth, ensures you’ll have a memento to remember the evening by.
Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 45, Shed A

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