Events Around the City: What’s Up This Week

November 11

Veterans Day Parade @ Market Street, 11 A.M.
Veterans Day remembers, celebrates, and appreciates all the men and women who have served our country. The parade down Market St. will include floats, drill teams, marching bands, and men and women of honor making their way to City Hall. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean War so a special commemoration is planned to take place. Whether you support the war, whether patriotism runs through your blood, or if you just like to hum the tune of our national anthem the Veterans Day Parade is family fun for everyone.

Dolores Park Meditation Mob @ Dolores Park, 6 P.M.
With a historic revolution knocking on our backdoor, meditation doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Unaffiliated with any religion, meditation serves as an outlet for progressive thinkers alike. With proven health benefits meditation aims to create and expand positive action and intention through liberation and enlightenment. The idea here is simple, one hour of silent meditation followed by eleven minutes of sound bath (soothing music). You are invited to join for all of it, part of it, or just a casual bask in the presence of peace. The Meditation Mob, sister to the better known Flash Mob, advises that you come with the deepest intentions for yourself, your community, and our planet.

Break the Silence Mural Project
With a central focus on the Palestinian-Israeli struggle for human rights, Break the Silence is an art/activist group committed to raising national awareness of the current day conflict in Palestine. The road to peace has presented many obstacles for Palestinians are in the midst of an ambivalent time. BTS aims to shed light on the urgency of social reform with positive cultural projects that directly benefit Palestinian organizations. Each mural is linked with history in hopes of increasing our knowledge of Palestinian culture and heritage. Two of their murals reside in the bay area, “Our Roots Are Still Alive,” in the Mission and “Edward Said Mural,” at SF State. In support of the many identities faced with oppression in Palestine, Break the Silences social justice movement is making a difference.

November 13 Rock N’ Swap Record Fair @ McLaren Hall ,7am-4pm, FREE
Trouble locating your favorite obscure vinyls, posters, books, and dvds got you down? Well pity yourself no more because KUSF is making their presence known yet again in what is known as one of California’s largest record swaps. Vendors come from all over to sell music and related items in every format your soul could conceive. Best part is, the venue lies on our stomping ground and it’s free for you and me.


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