The Fall Break Restaurant Guide

Izakaya Sozai1500 Irving Street

Gabriel Greschler, Editor in Chief

Situated in the heart of the Sunset, this mega-popular foodie favorite serves up delectable, garlicky Tonkotsu broth ramen noodles with a reasonable price tag. This is arguably the best bowl of ramen this side of the Bay. Be careful — the place can fill up really quickly, even on weekdays.


Taqueria El Farolito2779 Mission Street

Alexa Mancilla, Contributing Writer

This taqueria is a no-frills joint and boasts the best burrito in San Francisco. I ordered a carnitas super burrito, which had rice, beans, meat, salsa, sour cream, avocado, cheese, tomato, and cilantro. The burrito was massive and delicious, and I immediately felt like I was back home [in Los Angeles]. I’ve missed authentic Mexican food, and Taqueria el Farolito did not disappoint.


Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers708 Post Street

Brigid Behrens, Staff Writer

Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers, the highly-praised Tenderloin burger joint, slings out food lickety split — without sacrificing taste. This place is lively during all hours of operation, so good luck finding a place to sit! However, the burgers are to die for: juicy and unapologetic. If you’ve ever struggled to decide between french fries and onion rings (like I have), then you’re in luck — they have a menu item that offers both in one basket, fried on site and definitely not frozen.


Mr. Banh Mi3605 Balboa Street

Sarah Armendariz, Scene Editor

This famed Outer Richmond spot is the definition of generous. From the fresh and pickled vegetables to the meat of your choice (tofu also available!), Mr. Banh Mi doesn’t play around when it comes to their sandwiches — or their spring rolls! With everything priced under $10, this hole-in-the-wall is a wallet-friendly place to fill up.


Hot Sauce and Panko1468 Hyde Street

Brigid Behrens, Staff Writer

Hot Sauce and Panko is the perfect hole-in-the-wall spot in Nob Hill for cheap, quick and delicious wings. Their creative menu caters to almost every taste — except vegetarian. If you like chicken and waffles, you will love their version of this dish with fresh waffles and chicken wings. This no-nonsense and strictly takeout restaurant has “no seating, no TV, no wifi and no bathrooms,” as stated on their website, but this is all made up for by making their wings fresh for every order. The Panko and Parmesan wings are especially delicious.


Tommy’s Joynt1101 Geary Blvd

Ben Lazar, Staff Writer

In terms of bang for your buck, there are few places better than the 71-year-old restaurant Tommy’s Joynt. When you survey the menu of this San Francisco staple, you will see that there is no meal over $20, but after indulging in the sandwiches, chicken and stews offered in the hofbrau/bar hybrid, you will feel that you have gotten much more than your money’s worth. Though all items are delicious, carnivores will be hard-pressed to do better than the delicious BBQ brisket platter, which comes with potatoes, salad and a warm dinner roll.


Hippie Thai Street Food1418 Haight Street

Kate Sagara, Staff Writer

The vibe at Hippie Thai in Haight-Ashbury is relaxed, casual and trendy. I ordered chicken pad thai, which the waiters brought quickly and was more delicious than I ever could have dreamed. The portion sizes and prices are perfect for hungry and frugal college students. The waiters are friendly but not overly chatty, which is a major plus for the more socially anxious.


Golden Boy Pizza542 Green Street

Erin Rose, Contributing Writer

Since 1978, Golden Boy Pizza has been serving up first-class deep dish pizza with a side of some of the best late-night atmosphere this city has to offer. Located in North Beach — San Francisco’s iconic Italian neighborhood — Golden Boy Pizza combines perfectly-baked, thick focaccia with sauce seasoned to perfection and the kind of cheese that could tempt a vegan to convert. Golden Boy Pizza doesn’t deliver and only takes cash, but that doesn’t seem to slow the lines spilling out of their doors.


Graphics by Sarah Hamilton/ Graphics Center


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