Fall Senate Elections: Meet the Candidates

My name is Johnny Chibnall. I am a sophomore, politics major from St. Louis, Missouri. Currently, I serve ASUSF as the Sophomore Class Representative which in- cludes sitting on the Mission Com- mittee, Public Relations Commit- tee and, by Executive Appointment, the Greek Extension Committee. In these roles I have seen the good that Senate is capable of doing, but with that, comes the potential and desire to do more.
My dream for Senate, if I am elected President, is to make it more accessible to the students of USF. I will do this by actively par- ticipating in and encouraging col- laboration between clubs and orga- nizations on this campus. Through this, I hope to set the precedent by which a sense of community and a culture of mutual dependence can be established for everyone.
Please remember that your voice is important so exercise your right to vote. Thank you!

On-Campus Representative
My name is Ajouni and I am currently a sophomore communi- cation studies major and business minor from San Diego, CA. I am currently your On-Campus Rep- resentative on Senate, and last year I was your Freshman Class Rep- resentative. Through my two years of experience on Senate, I have developed a better understanding for what it takes to communicate between senate and the student body. It is my goal in the upcoming year to help further bridge that gap. I would love to have the opportu- nity to further aid transparency between the administration, Sen- ate, and the general student body. I envision Senate to be a place to harbor new ideas and develop old ones. I can only do this with all of your help! Voting begins on Mon- day, April 16 at 9:00 am, and closes on Thursday, April 19 at 4:00 pm. Make sure to vote!!

Sophomore Class Representative
Hello University of San Francis- co! My name is Pranav Mandavia and I am a freshman, undeclared sciences major, pre-medicine track. I am involved in the Indian Stu- dent Organization, Pre-American Medical Students Association, the Magis Emerging Leadership Pro- gram, and an Orientation Leader for 2012 GO Team. If elected to ASUSF Senate as Sophomore Class Representative I know that I can make a huge impact on my fel- low peers’ lives and education here. Being engaged with the sophomore class is my main goal, and if elected I will do my best to represent the Class of 2015 to my full potential!

International Student Representative
My name is YifeiYang. I’m from Jiangsu China. I’ve been in CSSA for almost two years now. I’m the Public Relation VP in CSSA. I en- joy helping international students with their difficulties, and this is why I want to apply for interna- tional students representative. I hope I get a chance to join ASUSF next year, and become a member of ASUSF to help more international students at USF. Thank you.

School of Arts and Sciences Representative
Hey USF, I’ve been a student Senator for the past three years as Freshman Class Rep, On-Campus Rep, and Jr. Class Rep. In the past, I’ve sought to have student repre- sentation on the Academic Calen- dar planning committee, and have worked with SLE to create ways for students to have more knowl- edge of campus events. I’d like to continue serving ASUSF as Col- lege of Arts & Sciences Represen- tative. I’m an International Studies major who wants more engagement between all the Arts & Sciences students. Vote for Evan Vaughan as your A&S representative April 16th-19th!

Students of Color Representative
My name is JT. I’m a senior studying Performing Arts and So- cial Justice with a music concen- tration. I would like to be part of Senate because in my last semester, I would like to see a change in the cultural diversity and in the spirit of the USF DON. I have served on many E-Boards, from Tribeta to LASO to being an Orientation leader. I want to promote cultural unity and bring the spirit of USF out in every student.

Students of Color Representative
There are a limited amount of minorities on campus, but that should not hinder us from being heard, from having equal oppor- tunities on campus, from planning cultural events and establishing a community, in which we educate and invite others to be a part of. As Representative of Students of Color, I will ensure that your voice will be heard and represented in a manner, which will push for change and understanding from not only the Senate, but the USF campus. If this sounds appealing to you, and you want your voice to be heard, vote for me-Sarah Brown.

College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Hi! My name is Michael Orr. I have been on Senate for two years, serving as the Sophomore class and College of Arts and Sciences rep- resentative. I have enjoyed serving my constituents. Senate is a great way to make changes that affect the campus in a meaningful and realis- tic way. I want to be your College of Arts and Sciences representative next year because I want to advo- cate for the students within the col- lege. I will continue to work closely with the Dean and administration to move this college in a positive direction. Thank you very much for your support.

Off-Campus Representative
My name is Brittany Reed and I am a sophomore hospitality indus- try management major. I live off- campus and understand the chal- lenges that off-campus students face: finding reasonable off-campus housing, carrying tons of books ev- ery day, and the difficulty of staying involved in campus life. I have been the ASUSF Senate Off-Campus Representative for the past two se- mesters and would like to continue in this position. I feel that I have more work that needs finishing, particularly my efforts in creating lockers for off-campus students and the new Athletic Relations Com- mittee. Thank you and remember to vote for Brittany Reed!

Vice President, Business Administration
I’m Breanna Lamping and I’m running for Vice President of Busi- ness Administration. I am a sopho- more Accounting major and origi- nally from San Diego. I believe that my past experience in leadership positions has prepared me for this role in Senate. I was the School of Management Representative dur- ing 2011-2012 and sat on both the Internal Affairs and Finance Com- mittees. I was also the chair of the Ad Hoc Referendum Committee that worked to publicize and cam- paign for the referendum about the increase in the Student Activity Fee. I am confident that the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the past year has greatly pre- pared me for this position. If elect- ed, my main goal would be to cre- ate better communication between Senate as a whole and the various student organizations on campus. I would also like to get students who are not yet involved, more involved in some way.

Vice President, Internal Affairs
My name is Issy. I’m a freshman English major in the Dual Degree Teaching Program and am seeking election for Vice President of Inter- nal Affairs. I lived in Washington my entire life, and there’s nothing better than reading a good book while listening to the Seattle rain. Because I am very family-oriented, I have a passion for working with young children, whether in Sunday school or nannying in my free time.
As President of a national political debate organization in high school, I managed hundreds of students nationwide on their initia- tives. Currently, I am the Executive Assistant to ASUSF Senate and work very closely with the current VP of Internal Affairs. My past and current leadership positions have prepared me for the demands and expectations of this position. I am passionate about USF and Senate and hope to serve as your VP of In- ternal Affairs.
Please vote!

Students of Color Representative
My name is Sascha Rosemond and I am from Pasadena, Califor- nia. I am an avid reader I am dedi- cated to my education and serving others. I would like to continue to be a member of Senate because I enjoy it and it would be an honor to represent students of color on USF’s campus. I am currently the Student of Color Representative on campus and I want to continue to serve on Senate to accomplish my long term goals for this posi- tion and make a difference. I hope to see a joint effort to represent the students of USF with passion and perseverance like the current Senate members do and hopefully some new faces that will add to our team. If elected, I will continue to reach out to students of color to ad- dress concerns and make necessary changes. Remember to vote Sascha Rosemond for ASUSF Senate Stu- dent of Color Representative!

S.D.S. Representative
My name is Nicole LoCicero and I have a strong interest in run- ning for Senate, and more specifi- cally the S.D.S. representative. I am from a small town in the South Bay, and transferred to USF from SF State last fall. I am a business major with a minor in legal studies, and am an active member of Delta Sig- ma Pi. My leadership skills come from volunteering, involvement in school organizations, and intern- ing for both small businesses and corporations. I am registered with SDS, and would love the chance to continue and build upon the aware- ness campaign for disabilities and disability services. Vote LoCicero for Senate’s SDS Rep, 2012-2013!

On-Campus Representative
Hi, I’m Maddy Meininger and I am a politics major from Portland, OR. I want to be a part of Sen- ate because I want to help make a difference here at USF. As an on- campus representative I would be responsive to the concerns of stu- dents, but also work toward main- taining green space on campus and increasing sustainable practices in the dorms. I currently live in Gillson (and am a part of Gillson RHC) and next year I’ll live in Lone Mountain. So hey to all my on-campus peoples! Get out and VOTE!

Vice President of Mission
I’m Caroline Christ and I’m currently the CEO of Kappa Al- pha Theta Fraternity, President of Autism Speaks U San Francisco, and Vice President of Mission on ASUSF Senate. I have learned so much during my time as VP of Mission, creating initiatives to ad- vocate for and promote the spirit of justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion. One of these initiatives is the ASUSF Senate <3’s Consent campaign in collaboration with the Gender and Sexuality Center. Through this campaign ASUSF Senate has raised more awareness of sexual assault by creating stick- ers, a poster campaign featured on the green wall, collaborating on programs like the documentary showing of NO!, more education in orientation programming, etc. I hope to be elected so I can enhance current initiatives, create new ini- tiatives, and affect positive social change. I would love the opportu- nity to serve as your VP of Mission again!

International Student Representative
Hello, I am Yichao Chen. I am an international student, who come from Nanjing, China. I love play- ing golf. I am now the Secretary- General of USF Chinese Students and Scholars Association. I was the Literature and Art Minister in my high school’s student union. I wish I could help our school become bet- ter and better. Since the number of Chinese students is increasing every year, I would love to provide more opinions and advice to USF from Chinese students, if I was elected. I would love to run for International Students Representative, Please vote for me! Thank you!

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