No Substitute for Football

Football season is here, thank God! Watching baseball every night just doesn’t fill people’s sports appetite.  The playoff race has been exciting, but no sport is like football. The NFL is the second most popular sport in America, behind NASCAR, with millions of viewers tuning in every year to see an amazing display of athletic ability. Football players are arguably the greatest athletes in any sport; their athleticism is what attracts so many Americans. The ability that some of these football players have is amazing. Being 6 foot 2 and 250 pounds and still being able to run the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, is mind-boggling. There are no MLB or NBA players who have that kind of athletic ability at that size. I’m not saying that baseball is not athletic but it can’t be compared to football in athletic ability of its players. All the other football fans and I are craving those exciting athletic plays. How many more double plays can be shown on Sportcenter? I’m ready to see Larry Fitzgerald leap over three defenders and catch a touchdown pass perfectly.  That’s one reason why I’m excited for this season, but there are a few more where that came from.

Football is not all about athleticism—it’s like a chess match between two teams with different ways to play the sport. Whoever wins the chess match wins the game. It’s all about calling the right plays and executing them. The best teams are the ones that force their opponents to play their style of football. It’s fun to watch the way games unfold because it is always a battle of who executes their style of play the best. Other sports do this too, but NFL football is the ultimate team sport because every person has to do their job to help the team succeed. For example, in baseball, a pitcher can pitch an amazing game and dominate it, leading his team to victory. But in football every part of the team has to work, or else the team won’t win. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL but if he didn’t have a good offensive line or good widereceivers, he wouldn’t be as dominant.  Even a dominant I’m excited to watch team competition at its highest athletic level once again.

Fantasy football is also a very large contributor to why I’m excited for the season. It allows fans to feel like they are part of the NFL because they own players similar to the way a team does. It’s your own team, which you control. What sports fan has never dreamed about that? Every sport has a fantasy sport associated with it, but fantasy football is the most popular. There are people I know who have become more interested in the NFL after playing fantasy football. The excitement and fun it brings is unexplainable unless you play it.  And it’s not just watching your players perform and winning your match-ups that makes it enjoyable; the draft is the most exciting part. It’s a whole day event that is dedicated to football and more importantly picking your future championship fantasy team. From the pre-draft barbeque to the five-hour long draft marathon, it’s simply an amazing day of fun. It’s hard to not be excited about the NFL season after drafting your fantasy team. Just like in anything else, you want to see how well you did. Honestly, this is the largest reason why I’m excited for the NFL season, I can’t wait to repeat as champion in my league.

I will definitely be one of the millions of people watching the season kick-off, because there is nothing better then football season—but only if it includes fantasy football as well.  There is nothing better than watching your fantasy players and your favorite team play on Sunday. Fantasy football makes you watch more games because you want to watch your players succeed. More games equals more entertainment, I’ll take that.

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