Fetty at the Fillmore

“What the f*ck is up, San Francisco?” echoed multiple times throughout the Fillmore on Feb. 1. Fetty Wap and his many openers, all who are part of Fetty Wap’s record label, RGF Productions, spent the whole night keeping the crowd of hip hop fans entertained and pumped.


Fetty danced around the stage, waving and posing for the audience, while blasting his biggest hits. Known for his mega-popular songs, “Trap Queen” and “679,” Fetty Wap sang the night away as fans wasted no time in rapping right along with every word. Jumping from the stage into the barricade to be closer to his fans, he made sure everyone had a chance to be up close and personal with him. The audience loved every second of it, with people screaming, trying to record their unforgettable moments with the glowing screens of their iPhones.



A DJ for the production company sat towards the back of stage for the entire night. He kicked the night off with a mix of popular rap songs, blasting the music so loudly that it could be heard outside of the venue. The audience went into the Fillmore ready to dance, and the DJ gave them just what they needed: a large dose of trap music.


The vast selection of openers consisted of over 15 singers and rappers who took their individual time on the stage. One memorable performer went by the name of Fuzzy. He was a large man in stylish streetwear who took on the role of designated “hype man” for the evening. He lit a large blunt and paced across the stage joining in on whatever music the DJ decided to play. He was no doubt one of the favorites of the night.


Fans in the audience jumped and grinded throughout the night to one of hip-hop’s most popular rappers. Lucky ones even got to touch him, while others in the way back were high off the energy – and possibly the thick cloud of weed in the air. Fetty Wap’s “For My Fans” tour is one you don’t want to miss.



All pictures were taken by Victoria Hunt/FOGHORN


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