Flexi Bailout

Since I do not as much money as the government to save enormous business conglomerates from going out of business, I do not currently have the funds available to keep fueling the economy in a large way. With flexi running low and the variety of food at the caf running dry, I am certainly getting tired of eating at the caf. However, I have come up with some ways to keep my flexi expenses low while still filling my belly.

1. Sleep through breakfast

2. For lunch, get a bagel, toast it, and take one of the pre-made sandwiches from large cooler and take out the stuff between the sandwich. Add your desired condiments, put it in one of those little white bags for the bread, and guaranteed, they will only charge you for a bagel with cream cheese.

3. Eat only AT the caf! Did you know they charge you an extra $.35 whenever you get something in one of those to-go things? Ridiculous. Just suck it up and use the for-here plates. I know they come in ugly colors, but it’s worth that extra piece of bread.

4. Don’t ever drink bottled water again. I could go on and on about this. A. complete waste of money. B. complete waste of plastic. C. complete waste of so many other fossil fuels that destroy the environment that I don’t understand. The big D. Invest in a reusable water bottle: it will be the best 10 bucks ever spent. Plus, the water from the soda fountain in the caf is, one word, AMAZING. As an official water connoisseur, I can tell you it is the best water on campus and certainly better than that “smart” stuff you’ve been drinking.

5. Disclaimer: I swear I have never done this, and do not support this in any way, but I have heard of people doing this. Anyway, I heard that people sometimes order a burrito from the “salsa” station, take one of the large CocaCola cups, stuff it in there, put a cap on it and walk out of the caf. But that’s probably just a rumor.
6. Don’t every buy anything from Outtakes that isn’t a potato or a sandwich. Anything you buy there is going to be marked up at least 30% higher than the original price. You might as well shop at Lucky’s or Trader Joes if you want to go grocery shopping. Ps- the panini’s here are amazing.

There is much more wisdom I could impart, but these are enough to get you started. Through these tips, I can proudly say that I have over $300 flexi dollars left. Though my taste buds may hate me right now, for half of them have been burned off by the ridiculously hot tea at the caf, I am just thankful that I can spend my flexi money on the wonderful Bon Appetit food as opposed to my real money.

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