Fog ‘n Grog Reopens, Lures Students With Jell-O Shots

jell-o shots now available at the fog n grog
Jell-o shots now available at the Fog 'n Grog (Melissa Stihl | Foghorn)


The Fog ‘n Grog, a local on-campus watering hole for students and faculty that was shut down in 1998, has reopened and is affecting classroom atmosphere throughout USF, as students have been celebrating the reopening week with free Jell-O shots from noon to 3 p.m. daily, courtesy of the Fog ‘n Grog staff.

Class attendance has reduced by 50 percent since its opening, and those showing up are carrying the party from the Grog to the classroom, stumbling past professors with shots in hand, as faculty try to discourage students from bringing alcohol into the classroom.

“They just won’t listen,” said one professor in the media studies department, who says she has tried to prohibit students from entering her classroom if they have been drinking or are carrying alcohol. Her reward for her efforts?

“I’ve been spilled on by at least half my class,” she complained. “I bring a change of clothes with me because I know what to expect. This is ridiculous.”

Teaching has become a challenge after struggling to calm the inebriated students down. Professors have been giving in and letting students finish their drinks and food in class so that they can get on with their lesson plan. But after the drunken debauchery, students are passing out.

“One student told me he had the ‘drunken munchies,’ explaining why a pizza delivery guy showed up in the middle of my lecture,” said a professor in the economics department. “When I said the pizza had to go, the whole class except for three students went with it. They stayed because they saw there was no chance for them to get any. A few minutes later, two of them were asleep. I had one student left, so I canceled class. What else could I have done?!” he yelled, frustrated.

“I was so hungry,” said the student who ordered the pizza. “And the lecture was so boring, I mean, microeconomics? Our prof was a total buzz kill. It was pizza or bounce, so we bounced.”
Students are bouncing from the class room right back to the Fog ‘n Grog in numbers that the bar can hardly keep up with.

“This place has been a madhouse all week,” said a student worker at the Fog n’ Grog who says he has been skipping class to work because they have been so busy.

With this week’s profits, the Fog ‘n Grog has already paid for the renovations needed to reopen, the liquor license, all the liquor, and staff wages. They also have donated money for more Public Safety segways so that security can get to the bar fights that spill into Harney plaza faster. The free Jell-O shots will be gone next week, but the Fog ‘n Grog does not expect business to slow down.

“I think this place will always be packed,” said the manager. “These kids love to drink.”

“This is the best thing that’s ever happened,” said one student while sitting in the Fog ‘n Grog as she slammed her empty shot glass down and stumbled over to the bar for another. “I love college. I’m considering the 6-year plan.”

USF is considering harsh penalties for students who bring liquor into class, but professors are pessimistic about the effectiveness of such a measure.

“They don’t care,” said the same media studies professor, Jell-O stains on her shirt. “Everyone is wasted and they don’t care about rules.”

The Fog ‘n Grog is open daily from noon to midnight.


7 thoughts on “Fog ‘n Grog Reopens, Lures Students With Jell-O Shots

  1. it’s so hard to picture what the Fog N Grog was like when it was really open. If the school really wants to start making some good money, they ought to reopen the Fog N Grog.. especially if they didn’t check ID. CHA-CHING!!!

  2. Laura’s right- that would be a great way to balance our budget and boost scholarship funds. In all seriousness though, it would be cool to have a bar on campus. Other schools like Berkeley (Bear’s Lair) have bars. And it obviously doesn’t prevent students from being successful in their classes.

  3. “When I said the pizza had to go, the whole class except for three students went with it.” — wow … what kind of class is that ?

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