Foghorn Asks: What is the Most Romanic Spot in the City?

Dong Nguyen

Dong Nguyen, Sophomore

“That’s a tough question. I don’t know if there are any romantic spots on campus. The only place I can think of is the stairs walking up to Lone Mountain. It has a really nice view looking downtown, and the water. In the city I would say Golden Gate Park. There is Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake where you can rent boats to row around.”

Diana Fabian

Diana Fabian, Sophomore

“McCormick and Kuletos seafood restaurant has the perfect ambience for a dinner for two, and the view of Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the most idyllic settings of San Francisco. Their seafood is also exceptional making it one of the top stops to be at on Valentines Day. And after that you can share a sundae at Ghirardelli Square!”

Lauren Lancaster, Sophomore

Lauren Lancaster

“On campus, I think the little sit-down area next to the tennis courts at Lone Mountain, which  are at the top of the stairs from Loyola Village are romantic. You have the most magical views of the Golden Gate Bridge and that area of the city. [For off campus], AT&T Ballpark, the Home of the Giants is romantic. That’s where my boyfriend Joey asked me to be his girlfriend during the 7th inning stretch!”

Kristina Rodriguez

Kristina Rodriguez, Sophomore

“The most romantic spot on campus would probably be the Amphitheater next to Kalmanovitz behind Cowell, it’s not private, but it is just gorgeous. Off campus is tough, because no matter where you go in the city you always fall a little more in love. San Francisco
is your valentine no matter who you are or who you are with.

Stefani Robnett

Stefani Robnett, Sophomore

“One of my favorite places on campus is the art gallery in the library. It’s calm, and it is quiet enough so you can sort of forget about everything else. Around the city there are a lot of cool spots, but I think on a nice day you can’t go wrong with Baker Beach”


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