Foghorn Interviews Fall Fest Headliner Mike Posner

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Foghorn/ USFtv: Who was your biggest musical inspiration growing up?
Mike Posner: Man, I had so many, so many influences growing up. A few that stick out are Nirvana, I had a big sister that listened to nirvana like all day so everything she did I thought was really awesome; I remember the day Kurt Cobain died. Beyond that I listened to mostly hip-hop when I was a kid so like things like The Roots and J Dilla, Nas, like that.

F/ USFtv: If you had to pick one song that was your favorite, your own or any other artist, what would you say it is?
MP: My favorite song is by The Killers, it called “Human.” Its like an absolute anthem- you’re nodding like you’ve absolutely not heard that before- no one really knows what it’s about, that’s kinda what makes it powerful. People can have their own interpretations so to people it can mean different things

F/ USFtv: How would you describe your own musical style? If you had one word to describe it how would you say it is?
MP: I’m kinda like a rapper trapped in a singer’s body so I sing about things that rappers would rap about.

F/ USFtv: How as your life changed since you’ve gotten really big? What’s the number one thing that has been different in your life?
MP: I don’t really feel any different; that’s why I really love doing shows at schools, like I just graduated like a year and a half ago so I really feel like the kids when I come here. Like I try to play basketball at the gym every time I go to a school. I don’t feel better than anybody here, I just feel like the same- my friends still give me more shit than they ever did, so…

F/ USFtv: Do you have a crazy fan story?
MP: Um, none that are really appropriate for your programming (smiles).

F/ USFtv: Whats your favorite place to tour?
MP: I hate that question, no offense, because I feel like whatever I say it’s gonna offend like, all the other places I did shows, but going back home to Michigan is always really special. Of the places overseas- I just did a show in Indonesia that was like really crazy, there was like way too many people there, I don’t really know how they knew who I was. Indonesia and Amsterdam and Australia, were the craziest.

F/ USFtv: Who have you been star struck the most by- any celebrities or musicians?
MP: Aw man. I met Nas… that was really, really nerve-wracking for me. I was really nervous when I met Jay-Z. I met Jay-Z when I was still at duke- I was in finals week of my junior year, I made my first mix tape, and my manager called and said “Yo, Jay-Z wants to meet you” and I was like “shut up dud, Jay-Z doesn’t wanna meet me” and then I went to new york and had a meeting with him for like 2 and a half hours and he talked to me for 2 and half hours and I was just kinda like (drops jaw) the whole time, and uh, I came back the next day, I was in the library finishing a paper, and I opened my email and he [had] offered me a record deal.

F/ USFtv: Who’s your favorite person that you worked with in the music industry so far?
MP: I mean I’ve been really blessed, some really, really talented people that I know I’m gonna tell my grandkids about some day- like Bruno Mars, been in the studio with like Wiz Khalifa, Boyz 2 Men, but I think like my favorite, favorite has to be Big Sean still because we just knew each other before like either of us were signed and there’s a dynamic to our relationship when we’re in the studio that cant really be duplicated because we’ve known each other so long

F/ USFtv: What’s the best thing you asked to have backstage in your dressing room?
MP: I get like the schools gym shorts, so I have like a crazy gym short collection that like I wear at home when I play basketball and my friends are just like ‘where did you get all those?”

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  1. Wait you interviewed tyler the creator…IN SAN FRANCISCO…and failed to ask him about his calling people FAGGOT 200+ times in his last album.

    Duh. missed the lede.

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