Ep. 1 – USF Bought a Farm

The farm does not have livestock, but it does have “bees,” USF president Paul Fitzgerald said. “We get bees.”COURTESY OF THE OFFICE OF MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS

In Aug. 2017, USF bought Star Route Farms, the longest operating organic farm in Calif. Miles Herman did a deep dive on the finances and the use of the farm by the University. His findings? Forty percent of the farm had been paid with cash reserves… and there are no plans as of yet to have any classes. To read Miles’s story, click here.


People mentioned in the podcast:

  • Father Fitzgerald, USF President
  • Charlie Cross, USF’s Chief Financial Officer
  • Peter Wilch, VP of Development
  • Warren Weber, previous owner of Star Route Farms
  • Don Heller, USF Provost


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