Four last-minute tips for looking fierce on Halloween

If you’re anything like me, Halloween creeps up on you every October like a villain in a slasher film. All of your friends have amazing, well-thought-out costumes on while you’re frantically searching the depths of the internet to find inspiration for a costume you can throw together with whatever is in your closet.

We’ve all been there before, but don’t worry — the Foghorn has you covered this spooky season. Here are a few simple, last-minute costume ideas you can create with things you most likely already have in your wardrobe!



Most of us have athletic wear, even if we don’t go to the gym as often as we’d like. So if you’re in a rush, just throw on your favorite workout clothes. You can easily create a bib (the piece of paper that says what number you are in the race) by using safety pins to attach a piece of paper to your shirt. If you want to fully commit to this costume, you can also wear a watch, a hat, a sweatband, sunglasses, or earbuds. And if it’s not too cold on Halloween night, you can douse your shirt in water before heading out for the illusion of sweat.


Another Decade

This costume idea is ol’ reliable, and while you won’t win any awards for originality, everyone will know what you’re supposed to be, and it’s usually pretty easy to pull together. For ‘90s get-up, throw on your favorite pair of jeans (preferably ripped), and a flannel for the grunge look. Alternatively, to grab some attention, you could also wear two contrasting colorful patterns. For an ‘80s look, Spandex, crop-tops, patterns, and in-your-face color — need I say more? And if you’re thinking of wearing a jacket, the baggier the better. For a ‘70s or ‘60s look (will anyone really be able to tell the difference between these two decades?), wear a headband, floral patterns, flared pants, and absolutely anything tie-dye. For a ‘50s look, a tucked-in white tee, jeans, and a jacket. Simple, timeless, effective.

Note: jeans and Converse can work as your bottom half for any decade ‘50s and beyond.


FBI/CIA/Secret Service/Men in Black/007

A black blazer and sunglasses go a long way. You can basically pass yourself off as any kind of government agent using this costume concept. The perk of this outfit is that everyone can have their own interpretation about who you’re supposed to be so that you’re not constantly answering the “What are you dressed as?” question throughout the night. Bonus points for flashing your government credentials (your ID) throughout the night.


Alvin and the Chipmunks

This is a great costume idea for a forgetful group of friends. If three of you find yourselves without a costume on Halloween or for a costume party, don’t fret! Here’s a simple solution: find one red, one blue, and one green sweatshirt or T-shirt, and have the person wearing red put on a red cap, and have the person wearing blue rock a pair of glasses. And boom: now you’re everyone’s favorite Christmas-carolling woodland creatures, Alvin and the Chipmunks! Bonus points to your group if you get the height order of the chipmunks correct, you put a yellow “A” on the front of your Alvin’s sweatshirt, and if you give your best rendition of “Christmas Don’t Be Late” at some point during the night.

Note: A group costume where everyone wears a different color top works for a lot of different things. You and your friends could be a collection of Skittles/M&M’s or even The Wiggles. 


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