Fun, Cheap, USF: A Student Events Calendar

Castro Street Fair October 2nd 11am-6pm FREE
Founded by Harvey Milk, the Castro Street Fair is an annual one-day trifecta of drag, equality, and did I mention drag? We all know the Castro as one of San Francisco’s most vibrant communities, so as we can only assume the streets are sure to be flooded by an array of characters, costumes, performances, and kissing booths for the willing. I urge you all to come out to Market Street this Sunday and revel in the celebration of freedom and diversity with our LGBT community and their counter parts. Be not afraid to let your true colors soar as you graze among our local delicacies and dance to the rhythm of your own beat!

Rebecca Solnit October 4th @ USF McLaren 252 12:30
Although the summer reading assignment proved itself very titillating, as those of you who progressed past the introduction would know, it is agreed that the insightful cartography is where our browsing lingered. Rebecca Solnit managed to reveal San Francisco’s hidden secrets, history, and sub-culture through twenty two colored maps in her brilliant reinvention of the atlas. In true Solnit form she has recently explored our halls, caf, harry potter room, and obscure trails for her USF map. Our very own treasure map will be unveiled during her lecture in which the first fifty students to arrive will receive a free copy.

12th Annual World Vegetarian Festival @ Golden Gate Park, October 1st – 2nd 10am-6pm $8
In honor of World Vegetarian Day, the San Francisco Vegetarian Society welcomes everyone to a world of veggie-centric festivities. Golden Gate Park is hosting this jam-packed weekend which promises chefs, food, vendors, speakers, entertainment, and much, much more. If you’re an early bird (or if you’ve been forced to be frugal) then arrive before 10:30am and your admission is complementary. As for the rest of you, casually show up at your leisure accompanied by an empty stomach and take part in all things vegan, vegetarian, and everything in between.

Open Mic @ Café International Every Friday 7:30pm FREE
There are hundreds of open mics in the city during any given week, so why go to Café International? Well, located in Lower Haight, Café International extends a welcome hand to all artists of all mediums. Solos, duos, poetry, musical performances, and brief yet ethereal interpretive dances have all graced their small stage. If you have yet to experience an open mic at all, now’s the time. Out of sympathy, I’ll save my “you’re missing out speech” for when you tell me you did not attend the Rebecca Solnit discussion. From personal experience the most riveting aspect of an open mic at Café International is sitting in the audience with an open mind, a large intimidating cup of coffee, wearing anything but a black turtle neck.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass September 30th – October 2nd 11am-7pm FREE
The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival is for all of us music junkies who live for free music in the sun. Strolling around campus this week I couldn’t help but hear the buzz and anticipation surrounding this shindig. Let just say names were dropped, blankets were mentioned, and attendance was not in question. With the harsh reality of winter already rearing its ugly head, this last summer music festival is boasting a lineup that may or may not send you into cardiac arrest. The only dilemma you will be faced with during these three day days is your endurance to run between each of the six stages.

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