Getting Fancy With Ramen

While the USF cafeteria may serve better food than the average college campus, sometimes the offerings get monotonous (especially on weekends, when there is little more than salad and baked potatoes). However, with a little creativity, there is no reason why our taste buds should be bored. Whether you like to cook or are just in the mood for something different, there are plenty of options for making your own food entirely from ingredients that can be purchased on campus with Flexi.

Because Ramen noodles are so cheap, college kids have gotten a reputation for buying them with whatever scraps of income they have left. Even though Ramen comes in multiple flavors, it’s never the most exciting culinary experience. When seasonings that come with the noodles gets so accustomed to your tongue you cannot taste it anymore, it’s time to, in Emeril’s words, “kick it up a notch!”

Today’s recipe is for Antipasto Ramen. This recipe came from the Ramen Noodle Recipes section at If this one doesn’t tempt your taste buds, check out that website for 23 more Ramen variations.

You can get all of the ingredients below from Outtakes in Lone Mountain, courtesy of your Flexi account.

1 package of Ramen noodles – $0.55

Pepperoni from 1 package of Lunchables – $2.00
1/3 cup Italian dressing – $2.00
1⁄4 cup black olives – $2.00
1⁄4 cup red onions – $2.00

Total cost – $8.55 in Flexi
Cooking directions:
Boil Ramen as directed on the package then drain it. (You can use a water boiler). Let stand for about 2 minutes so the pasta cools. Chop or rip pepperoni and add into the Ramen along with the olives and red onions. Add Italian dressing to taste.

Total time – 10 minutes


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