“Given the state of the current economy…”

Even though I am sure many other people besides me have been placed under more extreme pressures, and have had to implement increased drastic measures to combat the current economic crisis, I too have had to apply some changes. Whether it is through changing my diet, which always seems to base itself off the economy, or not buying as many cigarettes, there is definitely one effective cost saving method – not buying stuff from the café. When I say stuff, I am also referring to my ridiculous purchases such as a pumpkin at Halloween, giant lollipops or other unnecessary candy that seems to find it’s way into my previously thriving flexi budget. Of course, this seemingly endless budget is now gone, and has been gone for the past month or so. So after begging my father for more money to live off, I decided to disobey his request by putting the money in my bank account. At this point I would like to add that, just by doing this saved me hundreds of dollars. Some people at this school would not understand why I did this; well believe it or not, you can live off $5 a day. For example, the hot wings, or ‘crispy zesty wings’, at Lucky’s are only $4.49 a pound, and whilst your waiting they give you free samples of anything you ask for. Their microwaveable meals are mostly a buck, but don’t win the competition for best food. However, if you just buy some Chef Boyardee and put it over the top, it goes down just fine, in fact, excellent. In no way do I intend to be taken as a pauper who has to scavenge around for food, unlike Ras the hippie who always tries to sell me incense candles for prices based off football game scores, it’s just that I like to spend this saved money from food on other things, not drugs, as I am sure some people would be speculating. Other areas in the immediate neighborhood include the Haight Street Market, which always has really good fruit and other sorts on the cheap. Of course, Haight St. is expensive for the most part, so I like to go down to Lower Haight or the Mission at times. You will find that these areas have so many different kinds of food, but what are especially good are the meats at Rosamunde Sausage Grill, if you are really feeling hungry and want to splash out a little.

Of course, all this running around enlarges my appetite, not exactly aiding me in this never ending battle for survival. The café would be a very convenient resource for food but there are other places to purchase similar items at a cheaper price, which in my eyes it worth the effort. I hope that some of my insights into how I like to get food help others alike.

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