Halloween How-To: Last Minute Costumes

You may have forgotten to buy a costume for the spook-tacular events coming up because you’re too busy fighting off demons in order to cram for tests, and those ghoulishly excruciating hours at your Caf job are not going to buy you a fancy costume for Halloween. No worries, little pumpkins! I have compiled a list of fun last minute costumes for those on a budget, to help you turn from a pumpkin to a jack-o-lantern.

Sherlock Holmes-
Boys & Girls, what you need: Living in San Francisco, a trench coat is a must! Now just get a magnifying glass, a detective cap, and a pipe- the classy kind that blows bubbles, of course!

James Dean-
Boys, what you need: White shirt, jeans, leather jacket, and boots.
Helpful hint to go all out: Slick back your hair with gel and a comb and pop a cig in your mouth. (Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone if it’s the bubblegum kind). Now just practice some bad a– James Dean body language.

80’s Rocker –
Boys & Girls, what you need: Rock band tee. The Smiths, Billy Idol, Metallica, Iron Maiden etc.
Girls, what you need: Plaid or leather skirt, or acid wash jeans.
Boys, what you need: Acid wash jeans.
Helpful hint to go all out: black boots, fingerless gloves, spiked jewelry, fishnet or torn tights.

80’s pop girl –
Girls, what you need: Jean, bright, or flowery skirt. Neon or metallic leggings. Neon shirt (basic or off the shoulder). If you desire a graphic tee, here are some bands: Madonna, The Bangles, The Go-Go’s.
Helpful hint to go all out: bright make-up, BIG hair or side pony tail. Think Madonna in the 80s.

Boys & Girls, what you need: Black pants, black and white striped shirt, suspenders, and costume make-up in white, black, and red.
Helpful hint: You can substitute the black and red costume make-up with black eyeliner pencil and red lipstick. Now, paint your face white and paint your lips red. Use the black make-up on your eyes and eyebrows. You can use red lipstick to make touch ups throughout the night.
Helpful hint to go all out: beret, black vest, and white gloves. Draw a creative eyeliner design. Example: Some mimes draw diamonds around their eyes.

Boys & Girls, what you need: paint, jean overalls, bucket, and big paint brush (the ones used for wall and house painting).
Helpful hint: Splatter the paint on the overalls. Bring a tin bucket.

Fancy Painter-
Boys & Girls, you will be putting the “art” in party with this. What you need: black pants, beret, scarf, blazer, and a smaller paintbrush (the ones used for art classes).
Helpful hint: Splatter paint on the blazer. Put the paintbrush behind your ear. Ladies, you can also place the paintbrushes in your hair.

Be Original
-Wear all white. Attach or paint a yellow circle on your stomach. Get horns and a pitchfork. You are a Deviled Egg.
-Wear all pink and walk around with a feather. You are Tickled Pink.
-Wear all pink or at least a pink shirt. Purchase wings and a pig nose. You are When Pigs Fly. Sometimes the pig mask/noise will come with a tail. If it does not, get a bunch of pink pipe cleaners in a bundle and twist them together. Wear a belt and hook the tail on.
-Wrap yourself in wrapping paper with a tag that reads: “From- God, To Women” You are God’s Gift to Women.

Halloween is on a Monday this year, which means there are four nights to celebrate this spellbinding holiday! Take advantage of this list if your plan is to attend many events and you need a few more costume ideas.

Helpful hint: a lot these of items can be bought at stores in the Mission and on the Haight. There’s also bunches of Halloween stores open across town. The closest one to USF is on Masonic and Geary in the Best Buy complex.

Just remember: Try to work with what you have.
Have a safe Halloween!


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