Hardcore Band Alexisonfire Chats with the Foghorn

The hardcore screamo band Alexisonfire is touring in support of their latest album “Old Crows/Young Cardinals”. The band will be playing May 10th at Slims with Trash Talk, Therefore I Am and La Dispute. While prepping for a show in Atlanta Foghorn scene writer Chad Heimann had the opportunity to ask singer George Pettit questions from USF fans.

SF Foghorn: Where do you get your jean shorts and do you buy them precut or do you make each pair?

George: I made them a while ago and were shit jeans to begin with. They were kind of ridiculous and it fucking weirded people out and after a while I got tired of them and retired them for real pants on stage. I still go shirtless though, it get’s sweaty on stage and I know for a fact I look bad naked so it’s kind of fun.

SF Fogorn: Before you’re latest album Old Crows/Young Cardinals was released you were quoted as saying you wanted to have this album “put a knife in screamo” as a genre?

George: It was a stupid quote and was probably because at the time I pissed off with what screamo had become. i feel like it served it’s course but now it’s starting to become cheeky much like hair metal has become.

SF Foghorn: What bands are the top played on your ipod right now?

George: To be honest I don’t have an ipod but i guess i’ve been listening to Devo,                 especially the “Are We Not Men” record a lot with my young son. I’ve also been listening to the band Statues from Ontario when I’m at home and they’re like power pop band I guess.

SF Foghorn: Does the band have any pre show rituals you preform before taking the stage every night?

George: Not really, we just sit around and wait for our set to begin. We’re not into going                into our dressing room and burning sage around a pentagram before each show.

SF Foghorn: What’s you’re favorite thing to bring on tour with you?

George: I like to stop at Walmart at the beginning of each tour and buy a cheap BBQ                grill. It’s really nice to just grill while waiting around all day. Sadly I haven’t picked one up for the current tour we’re on.

SF Foghorn: Any chance we’ll see you come out with any side projects?

George: I have about four songs written for my side project The Bergenfield Four that                I’ll probably be recording soon enough and releasing when we have some free time in the studio. I also do a TV show in Canada too where I interview bands that have been keeping me busy while when i’m home. My third side project is Owen my four month old son that has kept me extremely busy.

SF Foghorn: Finally, what’s next for the band?

George: We’re finishing up the current American tour we’re on now then play mostly                  European festivals during the summer and then in the fall we’ll do shows in                 Australia, Japan and Canada followed by a break. In regards to making a new                album we’ll go back into the studio once we all decide to get creatively                              motivated again and write a new Alexisonfire record. We do however want to                record an EP titled Dogs Blood and have that released by Fall so that our fans have something to listen while we take some time off to create and write.

Be sure to catch Alexisonfire May 10th at Slims!


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