Health Corner: Food is the Way to the Heart

If you’re looking for that special present for that special person in your life, let me tell you from experience that flowers and chocolate just don’t cut it anymore. The right plan can be the difference between a friendly, afternoon goodbye hug and an intimate kiss goodbye the next morning.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but making a meal for your woman is not a bad idea either.

That brings up the constantly debated question; are aphrodisiacs a myth or a reality? Aphrodisiacs are said to boost your sex drive by stirring up sexual hormones. They are believed to improve sexual desire, performance and maybe even fertility in some cases. Some foods are said to be aphrodisiacs because of their shape, others for their aromas, and others due to a chemical basis. Doctors agree that there is some truth to aphrodisiac foods, but it is a psychological effect as much as it is physiological. The suggestive presentation of the foods is as important as the foods themselves. Many of these foods are probably things that you have in your home and eat every day without the intention of a sexual effect. So if you have a meal in mind this Valentine’s day, here are some everyday foods that, with the right preparation, can cause sexual stimulation.

Just when you thought the avocado couldn’t possibly get any better, here’s one more reason to dig in. Avocados have vitamin B6, which is said to increase male hormone production. It also has potassium that aids in regulating the female thyroid gland. As far as the shape, the Aztecs used to refer to the avocado tree as the “testicle tree” because its fruit hangs in pairs and resemble male testicles. Some say that this is as far as its aphrodisiac value goes. You be the judge.

Basil, sweet basil in particular, is one of the few foods that is said to promote circulation, thus increasing both male and female sex drive. It also boosts fertility and causes a natural sense of well-being. The scent of basil was so strongly believed to drive men wild that for centuries women used to dust their bodies with dried and powdered basil. As far as I know this practice has died down quite a bit, but it might be fun to try and gauge the results.

Chocolate has so long been associated with love and romance that it really doesn’t matter anymore whether or not it actually has aphrodisiac properties because the sexual suggestion is already embedded in our minds. It was originally found in South America rainforests by the Mayans who worshipped the cacao tree and called it “food of the Gods.” There is an ancient rumor that the Aztec ruler Montezuma drank 50 goblets of chocolate each day to enhance his sexual abilities. A little less than that should do the trick.

Remember that just throwing these foods on a plate won’t do you very much good. This is a gift, so tailor your meal to your partner’s likes. Keep the meals light, as heavy meals decrease sexual desire. Try putting avocado in a salad and substituting your steak with fish. No guarantees, but your chances will be significantly improved. Be safe.

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