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Caitlin Mayo is a sophomore nursing major.

The night Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign was declared effectively over, my father came home from work and nonchalantly handed me a Hillary Clinton campaign button. I had just lost my first political love, and waited for news on election fraud with unabated fervor. But like a young girl learning to let go of her first unrequited crush, I came to accept that I would be using my first vote to support Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton is perhaps one of the most experienced and qualified candidates for the nation’s highest office, having held a multitude of positions throughout her life. Her political career began as a student body president of Wellesley College, where she became the first student speaker at the institution’s commencement. Clinton later attended Yale Law School and eventually went on to serve as a lawyer for the congressional committee that investigated the Watergate scandal that lead to President Nixon’s resignation.

Clinton served as First Lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the United States during her husband’s tenures as governor and president. She is credited as the first First Lady to have a postgraduate degree and professional career upon entering office. Clinton is also regarded as one of the most empowered presidential wives in American history next to Eleanor Roosevelt, as she took a proactive role in shaping policy and pursuing social activism. In 2000, Clinton became the first woman to be elected Senator of New York. She became Secretary of State in 2009, gaining valuable experience in foreign policy. With such a wide variety of experiences, Clinton brings a great diversity of insight to the table and has proven her ability to obtain concrete results. The strength she has displayed as the first woman for many of the roles she has taken on throughout her political career is no small feat.

The next president will have to face shaky relations with Russia, the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, and maintaining the declining unemployment rate and rising stock values seen during the Obama administration. If anyone could handle such crises, Clinton would have the experience necessary. In terms of handling the international arena, if elected, Clinton would be the first modern day president to have had experience as Secretary of State.

Though Clinton has been criticized for flip-flopping to suit politics, I see merit in her not making such quick decisions and revising her views. Her change in stances show that she is receptive to the wishes of the electorate and representing their interests, with a sensitivity to their dynamic needs. It has also allowed her to compromise and work with the opposition. Described as a New Democrat and centrist, Clinton’s more moderate stance can cater to a larger portion of people on the political spectrum. With the Republican Party more divided than ever, she could use her ability to work with others to her advantage. Clinton has made her fair share of missteps from each office and position she has held; however, she exhibits a capacity to learn from those mistakes.

While Clinton did not initially enchant me with the rich, lucid rhetoric that flowed through Sanders’ New Yorker baritone, Clinton can keep his revolution alive, as evidenced by her willingness to take his viewpoints seriously and incorporate some of them into her own platform. She is a woman made of the strongest stuff, and while she may not be the hero that America wants, she is what America needs. I hope that voters will realize that we don’t need a leader that will make America great again. We need a leader that will stand by the country, who will learn from their mistakes, and lead in the best interest of the citizenry while building upon what makes America great already. As a Clinton supporter, I’m not just with her. I’m with America.


Pro Trump

It Is Time for a Change

While the Foghorn has confirmed the identity of the author, this endorsement has been published anonymously. The writer’s concerns over backlash for supporting Mr. Trump stem from past incidents on campus, where students with conservative views have been ridiculed, particularly last fall, when some were asked to take down a Donald Trump poster in the residence halls by SHaRE. Although anonymity is a departure from policy within the opinion section, our editors have agreed to the writer’s request. As stated in our submission policy, the opinion section is a forum for the free, fair and civil exchange of ideas. College campuses should encourage diversity of thought and offer space for civil discourse.

Submitted by A.V.

Americans deserve better. Their elected officials have been failing them for the past 25 years. The dysfunction in D.C. is at its highest point in the history of our republic. Trust in Congress is at 15 percent, and 65 percent say that the nation is on the wrong track. The politicians have been getting richer, elites are taking advantage of the little guy and Americans have been losing. Change can only come with Donald Trump as President.

Health care costs are rising astronomically due to the failed Affordable Care Act. In Arizona, premiums will rise by 116 percent in 2017, Oklahoma 69 percent, Tennessee 63 percent, and Minnesota 59 percent, while most states will see an average a rise of 25 percent. Americans were lied to when they were told the cost of their health care would decrease. Only Mr. Trump has a plan to stop the rising costs of healthcare. After working with Congress to repeal the ACA, he will propose legislation to reintroduce competition in the healthcare market, while ensuring those at-risk will still receive care through block grants.

Americans are not working. Since 2009, 14 million people have left the workforce and have not been actively seeking a job. The economy will grow 1 percent this year and President Obama will be the first President in history that will not see 3 percent GDP growth. Affected by this are the hardworking Americans that have to face rising healthcare costs, large student loans, rising rates of poverty; all with a smaller paycheck due to a struggling economy. Hillary Clinton offers more of the same: high taxes, high regulations, all resulting in low growth and smaller paychecks. Mr. Trump brings change. A Trump Presidency will decrease taxes for every American, and cut red tape by stopping the crushing regulations established under President Obama. He will re-negotiate trade deals such as NAFTA, which offer American corporations incentives to export jobs and move their operations to foreign countries at the expense of our manufacturing industry. Mr. Trump will stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership that further devalues the American workforce and allows countries like Vietnam to expand their sweat-shop laborers. Only Mr. Trump will fight to put America’s economic security first.

The United States’ standing in the world has greatly diminished. North Korea has repeatedly tested nuclear weapons in clear violation of international law with no repercussions. Iran has been given $150 billion in exchange to delay their development of a nuclear bomb by ten years, all while their government supports terrorist organizations that are actively killing Americans. ISIS has been allowed to expand into thirty countries at the expense of innocent civilians being killed. Russia and China are rapidly expanding their global influence, while leaving destruction in their wake.

Hillary Clinton’s failed policies from her time as Secretary of State have led to global disarray. An increase in terrorism, and an increase of violent acts by belligerent countries have brought instability to the world. Mr. Trump will put an end to the failed policy of regime change. This relic of the Cold War era only brings more instability to the world, as experienced in Libya and Syria. He will rebuild the U.S. military so that it is capable to counterbalance China and Russia and defeat ISIS. The U.S. will again be a force for liberty and freedom in the world.

Americans have been lied to repeatedly by career politicians. Corruption is rampant in Washington D.C. with politicians like Hillary Clinton seeking power for their own benefit. It is time for a change. Mr. Trump will put an end to the corruption and lies in Washington. The only special interests he listens to are the American people. Mr. Trump is the only candidate advocating for common sense reforms to make government work for the American people.

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