Home is Where the Coffee Is

Nothing screams “San Francisco” more than the white marble tables, perfectly cut wall decals, rainbow latte art, avocado toast and the most Instagrammable photos of one cafe. Even its name, Home SF, means so much more to me than just a regular old coffee shop. I wanted to find a coffee shop where I could spend countless hours getting stuff done and express myself through social media outlets.   


Home is located in the Outer Richmond on Clement Street. It not only serves as my go-to coffee and breakfast spot, but as the perfect setting for an Instagram or Snapchat story. Home is one of the only off-campus places where I can actually get work done – an important consideration for college students seeking out coffee shops. It is generally pretty packed, but mostly with students or professionals behind laptop screens. However, if you’re not looking to stare at a screen, they have tables dedicated to face-to-face conversations, with have signs that say “no laptops, please.” Home’s Outer Richmond location primarily serves those who live in the area, but their original location was in the Inner Sunset on Noriega Street, within walking distance of the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps.


One of the most common misconceptions about coffee shops is the idea that they are “trendy” or “bougie,” making the actual drinks they serve look better than they taste. But, luckily, Home offers a wide variety of coffee that caters to whatever you’re craving that day. Coffee ranges from a Birthday Cake Vanilla Latte to a Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster, which tastes like a vanilla latte, while its cookie butter tastes like a chocolate chip cookie! For those not looking to enjoy coffee, there is a variety of tea or hot chocolate options. The drinks taste as beautiful as they look.


Home’s Outer Richmond location, which is closer to USF’s campus, offers multiple menu items that the Inner Sunset location does not offer. This item is one of my favorite on-the-go breakfast meals: avocado toast! This “hip and trendy” item is not only delicious, but also healthy. There are many variants of Home’s avocado toast — my personal favorite is the Let’s Avo-Cuddle, which consists of sourdough toast topped with avocado spread, arugula, pepper flakes and tomatoes. The Let’s Avo-Cuddle tastes just like arugula on top of a piece of toast! It’s one of the more simple toasts offered and is my personal recommendation to anyone who is trying avocado toast for the first time. Home also offers simple pastries, like croissants and chocolate chip cookies, and unique types of pastries, such as matcha muffins.


Home has been the spot where I’ve gotten to know many of my friends at USF. As a first year student, I found that I tend to be more shy than outgoing, but still wanted to establish long-lasting friendships with people who I will be spending the next four years with. My favorite way to get to know someone is by going out and having a cup of coffee with them, and Home provided a perfect setting to solidify new friendships. Besides, who doesn’t love a cute coffee shop and solid cup of coffee to start out their day?


Featured Photo: Lily Manavi/FOGHORN

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