How Safe Do You Feel On Campus?

At least once a week I receive an email from public safety informing me that a student or a person in the area around USF has been robbed, hurt, harassed, etc. It seems as though these emails are neverending and something needs to improve in order to decrease the amount of crime on campus. These emails are scary because it is happening to University of San Francisco students and it could possibly happen to anyone at any time.

Public Safety should be constantly moving around, especially on campus, so they are constantly looking out for the safety of the community. Also, there needs to be more information and advertisement about the night shuttle so students know that it is  there to get them home safely. Instead of just sending us emails about something bad that happened to a student, they should be sending us tips on how to protect ourselves. Walking with a buddy is the general rule, but that is not always an option.

Jennifer Baldwin, a sophomore at USF, really wanted to live on Lone Mountain this year; however safety was an issue that pushed her to stay on main campus. She is a member of the Delta Zeta sorority and their meetings usually run late. After going to the meeting and then the library to work on homework, it would likely be too late to take the shuttle up to Lone Mountain, and she would have to walk home alone. Baldwin said, “I am nervous walking between campuses because of the stories from Public Safety and also because it is really dark on the streets between campuses.”

Most people who have been attacked are those who are walking in between campuses on those dark small roads. These roads are very deserted and make people look like prime targets. Baldwin said a good idea would to make the shuttle run later and make sure it is driving all around campus so people can see it and catch it. Instead she walks a couple of blocks and does not see Public Safety at all.

Gina Minutillo, a junior at USF, lived on Lone Mountain last year and had to walk home alone late at night. Minutillo said, “I was not aware of the shuttle service Public Safety offers until the middle of the year; I found out about it through a friend.”

There needs to be more signs around campus, or when Public Safety sends out emails they should just write the number and the shuttle times. Minutillo also said, “When I called Public Safety, they would either not be able to give me a ride, or I would have to wait outside by myself for about 15 minutes. Fortunately, nothing happened to me, but the shuttle service put me in danger several times.”

Public Safety needs to work out these kinks by driving around more or even adding more drivers or vans to make sure that everyone in the USF community is safe at all times.

Students should be able to feel safe walking around campus at night or walking home near campus. It is the school’s responsibility to protect us. Public Safety needs to make a few improvements like having a greater presence on campus at night and providing suggestions to protect ourselves, besides walking with a friend. Hopefully, if improvements are made, we will be receiving fewer and fewer emails from Public Safety informing us about another attack.

3 thoughts on “How Safe Do You Feel On Campus?

  1. It is so hard to feel safe in San Francisco at night. There is such a high incidence of vandalism there it is hard to feel safe.

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