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My intro to Media Studies professor has asked my class to be apart of the media. In order to do this we were given a question to respond too, then we were to post our responses on a blog for the University of San Francisco’s school newspaper the Foghorn. The question is: “Given the state of the current economy, what steps have you taken this semester in order to conserve money? What sort of pressures does this apply to your day-to-day routine?” The following is my response.
I am the typical college student. I am not entirely poor because my mom still supports me, but I am on a definite budget. She gives me certain amounts of money every week, and if there is something I really need to do she will add more. But I have been a very good kid. I rarely spend money on food outside of my flexi plan. This has taken a lot of effort since my stomach can never handle one more meal from the University of San Francisco’s cafeteria ever again. It was good at first. I could have all the junk food whenever, but after a week the grease started clogging every artery in my being. Luckily there is a little market that sells microwavable food. I have been trying to live on cup of noodles and essay mac, not very healthy habit, but if it saves money its good. Since I still have parental income I can splurge and go out and eat but if I do I go to cheap places and buy cheaper food. I’ll go to the Mexican restaurant by school or the food court in the mall downtown.
Another way I have been saving money is by not clothes shopping as much as I used to when I lived at home. I still do go shopping but only once in a while. Other than my birthday shopping, I shop at cheap trendy stores. In particular I shop at Forever 21, a women’s clothing store that is trendy and in style but very cheap. I could spend a hundred dollars at Nordstroms and only be able to purchase one or two things. But at Forever 21 I can buy up to eight items for a hundred dollars. This way I can still shop and feel girly and look up to date with the fashion trends, but I do not have to go broke to do so.
These are just a few ways that I have learned to save money in this economy. It is very hard not to just splurge like I used to do. My day-to-day routines are very restricted now, but it is a learning experience. I am sure I will learn more as time progresses.


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