Intramurals Allow Students to Play Competitively

Intramural Soccer
Dino Bichofberger kicks the ball down field as Lance Kipfer (left) and Rob Genz look on during an intramural soccer game last Saturday. (Kate Greenspan|Foghorn)

Do you love sports? Have you played sports competitively but are not talented enough or don’t have enough time to play on the school team? If you answered yes to both questions then Koret offers something that you may be interested in. For all of us that are not athletic enough or good enough to play Division One sports, Koret offers intramural athletics for nearly every sport that you can think of. Some of the intramural leagues that are offered are flag football, basketball, indoor and outdoor soccer and dodgeball. All sports are available to play in both the spring and fall semesters.

Playing intramurals is a great way to get exercise in a fun and competitive manner. If you don’t feel like running on a boring treadmill for 45 minutes, then get a group of friends, sign up an intramural team and have fun while also exercising. If you do sign up for an intramural sport and you have never played the sport before, be aware that intramurals get competitive and a lot of talented people play them. But they are fun, whether you win or not.

The variety of sports that Koret offers for intramural leagues makes it appealing to a wide range of students. You can basically play any sport. They even have dodgeball, the great elementary school pastime. There is nothing better than throwing a rubber ball as hard as you can at somebody else; it’s pure ecstasy. Besides nailing people with rubber balls, you get to relive a great childhood memory and play a game that will always be fun. If dodgeball isn’t your thing, you most certainly find a sport that you love to play.
For instance, if you have played basketball your whole life but are not good enough for the school team or don’t want to commit that amount of time to a sport then you can play intramural basketball, where the competition is intense. Basketball is definitely one of the most competitive intramural sports. I have played intramural basketball since freshman year and the level of competition is very high. Despite this, it is also fun because I get to play a sport I love with my friends.

Intramurals are also a great way to bond with friends. There is no better way to bond with someone than sports. The teamwork and trust that is involved with sports makes it almost impossible not to bond with people. But be careful, sports can ruin relationships too; just look at Shaq and Kobe. Don’t let winning ruin friendships because winning isn’t that important. Intramurals are great because they allow you to compete in a sport, get exercise and build friendships. You can also relive some childhood memories in the process. So join intramurals, get exercise and have fun while relieving stress.

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