It’s Not too Late: Ten Things to Do Before You Graduate

1.  Work for the Foghorn.  Write for the Ignatian.  Shoot for USFtv.  Spin for KUSF.  You can garner some of the best experiences here for future work opportunities.  Learning and creating with a vast cross section of confreres who are serious about what they do at USF has allowed me to walk away this December with previously unknown and irreplaceable knowledge of how to work with others in order to make something I’m proud of.

2.  Do whatever you can to take at least one class with Professor Moore, Professor Green, Professor Goodwin, Professor Zeigler and/or Professor Pizutto.

3.  Make friends with someone who works in the Media Lab and during a dead shift watch a film like “Funny Games,” “Death Proof,” “Sunshine,” “Libertine,” “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” “Das Boot,” “Water Lilies,” “Reprise,” “Let The Right One In” or any other film that is meant to be watched on a screen bigger than your laptop.

4.  Kiss a boy, kiss a girl.

5.  Change your major until your head feels screwed on just right and you’ve come to know what it means to have a constant challenging and seemingly endless pricking of the conscience that gives you daily satisfaction and hunger, simultaneously.

6.  Read “Rules of Attraction” by Bret Easton Ellis each summer that lies between each year.  Compare and your life with the page, with the transgressional fiction.  Perhaps gauge whether or not you are a Bateman (heaven forbid!), a Denton or a Hynde.  “Define crazy.”

7.  Start a bedroom band with other people who don’t know how to play any instruments.  Learn how to create and shape sound within space and time this way.  You might have fun.

8. Find a primary care doctor.  And fast.

9. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which isn’t saying much).

10.  Dance.

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