Given the State of the Economy…

Given the state of the economy I personally have not felt much need to change my spending habits in order to conserve money. Being that I am in college I felt that I have had to alter how I spend my money, but that does not necessarily mean that my alterations are direct reflections upon the lousy economy. For example if I were living at home I would be driving a car therefore I would be spending a large sum of money on gas every week. I do not have my car here at the University of San Francisco that saves me a lot of money right off the bat. Another reason why the poor economy does not necessarily affect me as a college student is because I am not constantly buying food. Due to the meal plans here at the University of San Francisco one can pay a minimal fee for the entire semester, which eliminates that person from ordering expensive takeout or large amounts of groceries. When I am back home I am constantly ordering food to my house so until I am back home for a long period of time I do not believe I will feel the pressures of the economy in terms of how I manage my spending in terms of food. Lastly I feel that the state of the economy does not effect me personally because in college I feel that I do not need a lot of money regardless. There are rarely weeks that I spend more than fifty to sixty dollars, and I feel for most people that is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things.
Do I feel that I have had to alter my day to day routine based upon the state of the economy? No, absolutely not. Like I mentioned already, I personally feel that coming to college has had much more effect on how I live my life than the poor economy. My day to day routine was of course different before I came to the University of San Francisco but like most people do, I learned to adapt. Now that I have set forth a new day to day routine I feel that in no way, shape, or form does the weak economy hinder it in the slightest bit. I cannot speak for everybody but I feel that the state of the economy is completely blown out of proportion. I feel unless one is working or making a salary, they cannot be effected by the state of the economy so I therefore am skeptical of how effected college students really are as I go about my daily routines unrestricted from the pressures of the state of the economy.

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