Java Hut’s Reopening is a Slow Drip

Early mornings after late night study sessions can be rough; sometimes all a student needs is a bit of caffeine to gulp down on the way to an 8 a.m. class.

The Java Hut, the small coffee stand between Gillson and Hayes-Healy Residence Halls, re-opened Sept. 4 after being closed for the summer and the first two weeks of the academic year.

“Due to the summer project of the water line retrofit on the hill leading to the UC, the Java Hut had to be temporarily removed,” Garrett O’Doherty, director of events management and guest services, said. “In the process, the ethernet connections and cables were damaged.”

After construction and repairs finished Aug. 30, the Java Hut reopened. Students work there, but the hut is managed by Bon Appétit, the restaurant company that runs the cafeteria and all on-campus catering. The Java Hut offers both regular and decaf coffee, tea, pastries and donuts. On a slow Wednesday morning, senior finance major Binqing Zhang was working the hut.

“It is a part of the cafeteria. In the morning, we remove pastries from the caf,” Zhang said.

Despite low sales and relative isolation, Zhang said the job isn’t lonely.

According to Zhang, the hut is supposed to be open 8-10 a.m. every weekday. However, last Thursday, Sept. 8, the shop offered free, self-serve coffee (though by 10 a.m., the pots were empty). The following day, the windows were shut and the hut was vacant, although the only explanation was that the staff was having a difficult time opening up the shop in the morning.

When the Java Hut is closed and students are desperate for a caffeine fix, alternative options are The Grind Up in the cafeteria, which serves coffee and breakfast until 11 a.m., or The Grind Down in the undercaf, which serves a variety of coffee beverages and pastries on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (3 p.m. on Fridays).

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