Just Because the Country is Broke Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be!

So right now everyone is from the government to our very own administration is freaking out about the economy and trying to figure out ways to save money. Money is always on everyone’s mind and as students what can we do to save our money? First, be smart! Obvious right? Stop spending money on stupid stuff like True Religion jeans. You already have 5 pairs that’s enough. They look stupid anyway…why do you want two horse shoes on your back pockets to make your butt look bigger? O.K. there you go that’s a nice $300 in your budget for this month. If you already don’t have these kind of careless tendencies, good for you…but what about other frivolous things like cigarettes, candy, chips, energy drinks and coke. These are all chemicals that are just killing you anyway, and they’re expensive. They are going to be hard habits to break, but your health and your bank account is all worth it. The one thing that has made the most of an impact in my bank account was my investment in a reusable water bottle. I used to go through at the least six plastic bottles in a day…I always recycled but you only get about $5 back. Our tap water tastes just the same as Fiji Water…so go out and get yourself a nice reusable water bottle and learn the joys of saving that $1.50! Now, I know that it is mostly my nocturnal activities that take the largest toll on my budget, so let’s see how we can fix this. Try using our God sent gift of a Muni pass and go visit a new neighborhood or district. Try changing your scene and you never know what you might come across. Make it even more of a challenge and only bring $5 with you and see how far good old Abe gets you. Just because everyone else sucks at living on a budget, doesn’t mean that you have to, just be smart! Good luck and make be proud, it’ll be us who will end you bailing out the government!

(this is my extra credit for David Silver’s intro to media class thanks)

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