Kickball Tournament Returns to Join Senate and Student Clubs

Invoking memories from gym classes of days past, the Associated Students of USF (ASUSF) and the Foghorn are sponsoring a kickball tournament.

In an effort to join clubs together and have fun while doing so, student body president Alex Platt and Vice President of Public Relations Casey Atud are collaborating with Foghorn advisor and media studies professor Teresa Moore and Foghorn Editor in Chief Hunter Patterson to put on this event. Platt hopes to “show other students what spirit looks like.”

The kickball tournament is not new to USF. Professor Moore got the idea from an article about a USF alumnus who started an adult kickball league that was holding a tournament in Washington D.C. Moore thought that a kickball tournament at USF would be a great way to have fun and also promote interaction between student clubs. The good natured spirit of the tournament contributed to the success of the first kickball tournament in the fall of 2004. For example, although the Foghorn team lost to the Graphics Center, they printed a fake version of the newspaper with a front page story declaring victory. Moore said, “It was fun to have a situation where clubs could come together for friendly competition.” She said that kickball is a sport that is inclusive, it does not require stellar athletic performance, which makes it fun because you don’t have to be an athlete to play. Platt wanted to restart the kickball tradition, which has been on hiatus since its 2004 debut, because it “sounded fun, not a typical two hour senate meeting, but a three hour let’s play kickball event.” She wants student to see that senate can have fun, while also networking with clubs and promoting club involvement.

The kickball tournament is open to all student clubs and organizations and other students who would like to play. There will be food provided and trophies awarded to the winning team. If the event goes well, Platt plans to host another kickball tournament that will be geared towards the general student population, instead of student clubs. Three teams have already signed up and Moore has boldly stated, “Not only are we going to win, but we have USFtv in our sights. I am issuing a challenge to [Professor] David Silver who may be bigger, but not faster and nowhere near as fierce as myself.”

The kickball tournament will be held on Saturday Oct. 18 from 3-6 p.m. at Negoesco field. All students are welcome to play.


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