KUSF’s Last Basement Show of the Year

With only string lights to brighten the small basement office in Cowell Hall, students crammed into KUSF’s makeshift music venue to mosh, dance and head-bang to local garage bands Milk and Worm Farmer.


Worm Farmer sported goofy props as they performed music that pulled from the influences of Mac Demarco and Peach Pit. The lead singer’s vocals were distinct, with slightly nasally high notes – perfect for their alternative rock music. The bass player wore a small red cowboy hat, the guitarist put on glittery pink clout glasses and the drummer sported pigtails. The lead singer played the guitar while singing intensely into the microphone and made eye contact with everyone in the crowd. The members of Worm Farmer took turns singing throughout the performance, giving each of them a chance to prove their vocal talents.


Worm Farmer sang a cover of a Willy Wonka song. Victoria Hunt/FOGHORN


Milk’s lead singer, wearing an old phone-turned-mic duct-taped to a ski mask, got the crowd riled up as he came barrelling in through the hallway. He was somehow simultaneously moshing, singing and playing the bass throughout Milk’s entire performance. They announced it was their very last performance as a band, so they wanted to make it as ridiculous and fun as possible for the audience of students. Within only a few minutes, the small space the crowd stood in became a mosh pit, with almost every student in the midst of its chaotic, tornado-like presence. With only one eye-hole of the ski mask accessible for the lead singer to see out of, he got smacked in the face by the bass guitar, and everyone held their breath for a second before he smiled and resumed the moshing.


The relaxed vibe of the night was a refreshing escape from studying and writing for finals and exactly what students needed. KUSF went all-out for their last basement show of the year, providing pizza, beverages and ecstatic performances to USF.


Featured Photo: The lead singer of Milk sang into a telephone taped into a ski mask during their last performance. Victoria Hunt/FOGHORN

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