Last Minute Costume Ideas

Costumes2Karl the Fog
Nothing’s more scary than a sunny day in SF being dampened by @KarltheFog. You can embody our city’s notorious fog by wearing all grey, accessorized with grey colored spider webs masking SF landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, TransAmerica pyramid.

Tech Bro
Write Dropbox on a t-shirt, carry around a soccer ball, and throw money around to claim public spaces as your own.

Black jeans, preferably leather jogger pants since Kanye claims it was his idea years before it became popular, a white robe, a crown of thorns and a gold chain. The finishing touch is an inflated ego.

Blue Ivy or North West
Being born to a power couple like Jay-Z and Beyonce, or the narcissistic Kimye, entails having a lavish life and a designer wardrobe. While realistically dressing like Blue Ivy or North West would cost you more than your college education, there are cheap alternatives. For Blue Ivy, all you need to do is dress in blue and wrap yourself in fake ivy, which can be found at craft stores. North West is a more simple costume that involves wearing your best outfit with a compass that points Northwest. This can work as a couple’s costume if you’re paired with someone dressed as Kanye.

For the ultimate last minute and cheap costume, write book on your face, representing the social media giant. It’s not the most exciting costume, but it’s something.


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