Letter to Students: Stand against sexual violence

Dear USF Community,

I hope you have had the opportunity to attend the events and exhibits on display this week, brought together as a strong community effort to stand up against Sexual Violence.

The Sexual Violence: A Display of Library Resources is a continuing event located in the study lounge behind Thacher Gallery in the Gleeson Library. Take Back the Night is a candlelit march in which women protested against sexual violence. Our Take Back the Night event will be held in Harney Plaza on Thursday, April 23rd, from 6:30-9:00PM. There will be an open mic, giving you the opportunity to speak.

If you want to participate in SF Walk Against Rape Saturday April 25, join the team in front of Gleeson Library at 9 AM. They will head to Justin Herman Plaza to walk at 10 am and then go to Dolores Park where there will be many exhibits, speakers, and performances. You can join the USF Team by registering at firstgiving.com/sfwar. Onsite registration is available.

This Tuesday, April 28th, from 6-8 PM, Senate is hosting their annual Spring Summit for clubs and organizations, and the Social Justice Committee will present information on the social justice climate throughout this year, comparing first and second semester. On Tuesday, April 21st, the Social Justice Committee presented a resolution to increase campus safety. It includes a Public Safety Tab on USF Connect, a Public safety text and hotline, and Muni monitors around campus that will have bus times in the main buildings.  It will be voted on by the Senate on May 5th and  I urge you to attend the meeting and/or send me an email with any questions or concerns. University Ministry will be celebrating Earth Day this year through their April Action Project  on Saturday, April 25th, from 7:30 AM-12:30 PM. If you want to take action with UM, contact Emily Katz (ejkatz@usfca.edu) to sign up.

Not for Sale week, “Live Differently: Stop Paying for Slavery”  will begin this Monday, April 27 until Thursday, April 30. On Thursday, April 30th, Not for Sale is planning on hosting their annual press conference in War Memorial Gym. This press conference will display projects created by Erasmus students and will include the projects of four groups. Not For Sale continues to fight against modern-day slavery and human trafficking.  These students continue to uncover ways to make a difference toward ending the injustice. You can learn more about the Not For Sale campaign at the notforsalecampaign.com.

As an institution, I hope together we can stand for social justice and establish a community where we strive to to end the injustices of the world.

Alia M. Al-Sharif
Vice President of Social Justice, ASUSF Senate


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