LinkedIn for Recent Grads and Students

If you’re looking for a job, you can’t NOT be in LinkedIn. It positively shocks me that every college and university is not making this clear to today’s graduating class.
– Pure Visibility Blog author

What you know is very important, but who you know can get you the job. Accordingly, I am a big fan of An employer found me for my current public relations job via that site, and I have discovered personal connections at other companies that I have been interested in working for. I created a profile on LinkedIn two years ago, grew a large network, and I have been reaping the benefits ever since.

Recently, I invited more of my friends to join my network on the site. Though many people wonder, “What on earth is LinkedIn?! How is it different from other networking sites, such as Facebook? Why should I bother joining?” The LinkedIn staff presents a comprehensive answer in their guide for upcoming grads (and young people, in general): Included is a crafty video that uses paper cut-outs to illustrate the advantages of LinkedIn (check it below).

– Courtney Parham, USF alumna 2008
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