Little Ways to Save Big

With the current economic crisis, it’s a scary time right now. The economy is an ugly mess, and we are all worried about how it will turn out. Spending money frivolously is a thing of the past, and it is crucial for us to pinch pennies any way we can. Some things I do to save money is i ride my bike around the city rather then drive or take the bus. This not only saves me money by not having to pay for bus fare or gas, but it also helps the earth by lowering the amount of carbon emissions put in to the atmosphere. Recycling your extra cans and bottles is also an extra way to make money. We all drink out of cans or bottles so why not save them up and take them to your local recycling center? You get roughly ten cents for plastic bottles and 5 cents for aluminum cans. Not only are you getting paid for something that you already have lying around, but recycling is good for the environment. Also instead of eating out with my friends, we all try to take turns making delicious and cheap dinners. It tastes better then a restaurant and costs a whole lot less especially if you factor in the tips that you have to leave at restaurants. Because eating out is a big part of life these days, its inevitable that it is going to happen, so if I do go out, I go to lunch instead because the lunch menus tend to be less pricey then the dinner ones. Lastly my best friends and I split the cost of a membership to Costco. We go every few months and load up on all the basics. Since Costco is known for cheap, bulk items its easy for all of us to share them. By splitting the bulk items we get the great deals without having to buy more then we actually need. By cutting off innocent little expenses here and there it seems like your money is able to go a lot farther for a lot longer. Those things really add up and one reason we tend to loose more money then we think is that we don’t actually know where our money is going. By writing down all of your expenses you are able to see exactly where your money is going and therefore cut down excess expenses in your own life.

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