Luna Concert Highlights

Luna, a band that once made headlines and climbed up the charts in the 1990’s makes a comeback at the Fillmore last Friday, the 26th of January. Known for their famous song, ‘23 Minutes in Brussels’, released in 1996, Luna drew a crowd of 40-50 year old fans, awaiting for their return to San Francisco.


Lead Singer, Dean Wareham, started the Fillmore off with a slow-rock song off their new album, “A Sentimental Education”, that fired up the audience.


Bassist, Britta Phillips, is the wife of Wareham, has been in the band since the late 90’s, after replacing previous Bassist, Justin Hardwood


Stanley Demeski has been apart of Luna since 1997, joining them once more, when they reunited in 2017.  


Big Search opens up for Luna on their North American Tour.


90’s Alt-rock fans indulged in a night of reminiscence.


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