Making the Most of Your Flexi-Years

During my tenure at USF I have been afforded the ability to try nearly everything Market Café has to offer. While deeming myself an expert on cafeteria fare might be a slap to my reputation, I’m willing to admit I have the dish (pun intended) on how to eat like a king, or queen, during your Flexi-years.

Muy Bueno Burrito
It took me a long time to figure it out, but after a grueling day of classes during junior year I managed to do it. I found the perfect mixture of ingredients to make the most mouthwatering burrito. I know tastes differ, but the ingredients used to create what I like to call the Muy Bueno Burrito naturally compliment each other. The components to create a fiesta for your mouth are as follows: black beans, ground beef, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.The perfect balance lies between choice of sauce and a deliberate pass on rice within the burrito. I suggest getting salsa on the side, and although you nixed the rice nothing is stopping you from ordering it on the side. The side of rice can be a life saver if you feel overwhelmed by the glory that is the MBB. (Burrito, $6.25)

Poor Boy Bagel Sandwich
The end of my sophomore year brought new lows for my Flexi balance. A few quick calculations revealed that I had only five dollars a day for food expenses to get me through the last three weeks of school. I quickly began to search out low-cost options to keep my energy up as finals week loomed near. It was then I realized bagels were possibly the cheapest option in the cafeteria. Using some serious brain power, I discovered the condiment cart near the grill had all I needed to make a tasty veggie sandwich. Once you’ve bought your bagel, add the following: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, pickles (on the side for sporadic munching), mustard (I prefer the Dijon) and some salt and pepper. (Bagel, $1.40)

Heather Spellacy enjoying sushi. (Emily Bogden/Foghorn)

Way-Better-than-Last-Year’s Sushi
I’m not sure how much the food has been affected by the design changes of the cafeteria, but I have concluded that the quality of the sushi has skyrocketed. The pre-packaged sushi of yesteryear was usually dried out and only contained a slice or two of ginger. The new sushi bar has brought with it two legitimate sushi chefs who make rolls that are pretty terrific. If you’re craving sushi opt for the rainbow roll. The roll includes fresh avocado, tuna and salmon (possibly some other fish too, but fish classification isn’t my specialty). I’ve never been a big fan of the spicy tuna rolls though because they always seem a bit too fishy for my taste. The California roll is fair, while the tempura rolls are hit or miss, sometimes bordering on too dry. Make sure to get some ginger, wasabi and soy sauce on the side. Edamame is an extra charge, but is a nice addition to the rolls. (Rainbow roll, $10.00)

If the three options above just aren’t cutting it, here are a few more tips. A chicken breast from the grill is a great addition to a salad from the vegan bar. The Hawaiian pizza has always been the best out of all the pizza options. On chilly foggy days (so, everyday) a grilled cheese sandwich (ask them to use both Cheddar and American, yum!) and tomato soup makes for a cozy meal. Don’t forget the power of a little salt and pepper.
The cafeteria offers a good variety, but it’s easy to get tired of the basics. Use your noggin and come up with your own mixtures. Happy dining!

Editor-in-Chief: Heather Spellacy

Chief Copy-Editor: Burke McSwain

Scene Editor: Tamar Kuyumjian


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  1. We can always make different kinds of foods and dishes if we want to. Its all up to us. Just like me, I never been taught by my parents to cook foods since my older sisters are already their to cook foods for us. But then I still experiment new dishes and Im glad that they like some dishes Ive made for them.

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