Melissa’s Mix Tape

Melissa's Mix Tape

The seemingly endless rain, the days that start out sunny and always wind up cloudy and cold and the terrible weather that just won’t seem to go away inspire this week’s mixtape. It may not be the happiest mix, but hey, at least it’s just as dismal as San Francisco in February.

1) “It’s Been Raining” by Kimya Dawson off of “Hidden Vagenda”

2) “One Day’s Evening” by Waxwing off of “For Madmen Only”

3) “Cold Cold Water” by Mirah off of “Advisory Committee”

4) “Look Into the Air” by Explosions in the Sky off of “How Strange, Innocence”

5) “Peacocks in the Video Rain” by John Vanderslice off of “Pixel Revolt”

6) “Funnel Cloud” by the Cairo Gang off of “S/T”

7) “There is a Place” by Silver Jews off of “Tanglewood Numbers”

8) “Our Weather” by Pants Yello! off of “Recent Drama”

9) “Your Belgian Things” by the Mountain Goats off of “We Shall All Be Healed”

10) “Only Babies Cry” by Paul Baribeau off of “Paul Baribeau”

Melissas Mixtape 3

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