Melissa’s Mix Tape

Melissa's Mix Tape 

Welcome to Melissa’s Mixtape. Each week I will bring you 10 songs. If you visit the Scene Blog you can listen and expose yourself to new music, artists and ways of thinking. 

1) “This Year” by the Mountain Goats, off of “Sunset Tree”

2) “Tight Rope Walker” by Discover America, off of “Psychology”

3) “What’s an Ocean For?” by White Whale, off of “WWI”

4) “A New Name For Everything” by the Weakerthans, off of “Reconstruction Site”

5) “Working Poor” by Horsefeathers, off of “House With No Home”

6) “Seattle” by Jeffrey Lewis, off of “The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane & Other Favorites”

7) “Rotten Hell” by Menomena, off of “Friend and Foe”

8 ) “Apartment Story” by the National, off of “Boxer”

9) “Kids Are the Same” by Pants Yell!, off of “Recent Drama”

10) “Back to School” by Paul Baribeau, off of “25”

Melissas Mixtape 1


5 thoughts on “Melissa’s Mix Tape

  1. This is such a cool feature having the music available on the page! I hope there is a Valentine’s Day mix-tape in the works.

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