Melissa’s Mixtape

As the sun finally appeared this week it was a reminder that spring break is only one week away. One week until that blissful little vacation that never seems quite long enough. This mixtape is for spring break, it’s also for keeping spirits high while enduring the seemingly endless week before spring break. You can do it!

1) “Springtime Hibernation” by Parts & Labor off of “Stay Afraid”
2) “Days” by Bears off of “Bears”
3) “Van Helsing Boombox” by Man Man off of “Six Demon Bag”
4) “Counting Down the Hours” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists of “Shake the Sheets”
5) “Warm In Winter” by Your Heart Breaks off of “New Ocean Waves”
6) “When the Sun Drops Like an Anvil” by the Russian Futurists off of “Let’s Get Ready to Crumble”
7) “Sanddollars” by Why? off of “Elephant Eyelash”
8) “Silver Tiles” by Matt & Kim off of “Demo”
9) “Here Comes the Summer” by the Fiery Furnaces off of “EP”
10) “England” by Ghost Mice off of “Europe”

One thought on “Melissa’s Mixtape

  1. i was glimpsing over your mixtape section and noticed you include YOUR HEART BREAKS in this weeks!! i got their tape from someone in seattle and immediately fell in love with their music. i dont think they are very well known outside of seattle so it was a very its-a-small-world-after-all moment finding their name in your mixtape!

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