Music: An Evening With Cayucas

I took an unexpected visit home last Thursday to see one of my favorite bands — Cayucas — perform at HUM Music and Sound Design, a music company where I intern. HUM is a music house in Santa Monica that composes original music for commercials and movies. It also manages the record label, Nonchalant Records.

With a simple layout that contains client space as well as a bar, HUM turned into a venue that attracted a crowd that consisted of about 150 people from the music industry and the advertising world, as well as all of my co-workers at HUM. Additionally, appetizers were being served by the Grilled Cheese Truck. What better way to enjoy music than with good food and good company?

Cayucas is an indie-pop band from Santa Monica with a “beachy” sound. In fact, the band lived just a couple of blocks away from the HUM office. With only 150 people in the room, the show felt very intimate. I was able to get a great view of the band by standing at the edge of the small stage. Cayucas’ sound was incredible, with catchy and upbeat guitar riffs and strong and smooth vocals.

I saw Cayucas at Treasure Island Music Festival a couple of weeks ago, but nothing compared to seeing the group ten feet away from me. Opening with hit song “Cayucos,” the show started with high energy. It got the whole room moving, including industry executives. A lot of Cayucas’ songs have an enjoyable and extremely catchy “tropical pop” sound. There was not one song that I disliked, though I recommend checking out “Cayucos,” “Deep Sea,” and “High School Lover”, all off of the album “Bigfoot.” It was only a 25-minute set which left us wanting more. Being able to see Cayucas in such a private setting really gave me a chance to enjoy the music without the distraction of thousands of people dancing around me.

To listen to more Cayucas, check out the album “Bigfoot,” which is available now. I would also suggest checking out the music videos for “Cayucos” and “East Coast Girl.”


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