New Episodes of Glee Bring Romance, Drama, New Songs and Celebrity Cameos

The wait is over. “Glee” has returned. Tuesday following “American Idol” the second half of season one premiered after an abrupt five month long break to film more episodes. The hiatus left millions of viewers wondering about relationships, singing competitions and an unborn baby.

I’m sure “Glee” fans need no reminder of where this Golden Globe winning (Best Television Series for Musical and Comedy) show left off, but for those less acquainted, here’s a little something to catch you up (prepare yourself, you’ll be obsessed after one episode). Spanish teacher Mr. Schuester is trying to bring the Glee Club back to its former glory when he was a student in high school. While dealing with a wife who is carrying on a fake pregnancy, an inappropriate flirtation with an engaged co-worker and a cheerleading coach sabotaging his efforts at every turn, he also has to deal with the club potentially losing what little funding they have unless they win sectionals. As if that weren’t enough drama, the Glee clubbers themselves all constantly struggle with the typical hardships of being teenagers like identity, confidence and diversity.

What makes this show different from the pre-teen, “High School Musical” scene is that “Glee” makes fun of itself. Unlike HSM, the jock and over-achiever do not hit it off immediately. The variety of songs and genres also sets this series apart from any other. Whether you like Gospel, pop, rock, ballad, oldies, disco, hip-hop or Broadway there’s something for you. Songs to look forward to in the upcoming Tuesday evenings range from “Bad Romance” to “Hello Goodbye” to “The Boy is Mine.” Along with the array of genres throughout the episodes, expect some celebrities to show up here and there for cameo appearances. Eve and Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth have already appeared on the show and it is rumored that Olivia Newton John and Julia Roberts may make guest appearances soon.

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