Nobel Prize Winning Economist Talks Finance at USF


Brian Healy

News Editor


The School of Management’s guest speaker series returned to campus on Thursday, Feb. 23 with economist Robert C. Merton. Merton is a Nobel Prize winning economist who turned the financial world on its head by developing a new method for determining the value of derivatives, using an option pricing model known as the Black-Scholes-Merton model.

Merton is now the second in a line of three guest speakers due on campus this semester. He was preceded by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who visited in January.


Speaking in front of an intimate audience, Merton was welcomed by School of Management Dean Elizabeth Davis. Merton’s former pupil (and current USF professor) Ludwig Chincarini would handle the Q&A after Merton gave his talk.


“I’m really honored to have professor Robert Merton here tonight. I first met our guest speaker when I was a graduate student at MIT and I took two course at Harvard,” said Chincarini, reminiscing about his days back in Cambridge, Mass. “His courses were inspiring but they had brutal mathematics, but eventually, every now and then, he would throw in some intuition,” said Chincarini.
Photo: Sydney Abel/ Foghorn


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