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With the recent economic crisis I’ve seen so many people panicking about how to save money. “Now I can’t go shopping!” or “No more eating out! Dammit!”.

I will admit, when I first got here, I was intrigued with all of the different restaurants and the close proximity of these cultural gateways. Me and my friends would try a new restaurant almost every weekend. I slipped a little without the eye of my parents. But soon after I saw my checking account balance diminishing, I stopped. Since then, I’ve kept to my meal plan here at school. It really isn’t that hard, just change the cycle of what you eat. It’s there for you, you’ve already payed for it, why would you go out and pay extra for food when you already have it. It’s actually pretty easy saving money when you’re here on campus. Just stick to the meal plan. Don’t go out to the grocery store and buy snacks. It adds up, believe me. In the beginning, again I slipped. I bought “Cheese-Its”, pudding, Ramen, and various other midnight snacks.

Another suggestion, ride the BUS. Deal with the wait. I am. Plan ahead if you have commitments. It took me an hour to get to work in my previous job, riding the bus. I dealt with it. Again, like the meal plan, the MUNI pass is already included in the USF tuition. I’m not going to pay extra for transportation when it’s already provided.

Bottled water. Im the beginning, me and my roommate would take turns buying bottled water cases. And we’d go through them pretty fast. $3.99 here and $3.99 there, it adds up. Thanks to Professor Silver, who encouraged using the tap water from San Francisco in reusable containers, I haven’t bought a bottled water in more than two months. It adds up, and it’s helped me, personally. The quality of the water here in the city is great, it’s rated high in quality.

SHOPPING. I haven’t gotten a single piece of clothing in about two months. OMG, I know, right? I do like clothes, I will admit. And it has been kind of a hassle not buying anything new, even if it’s on sale. But I’ve stopped looking for the time being, I think I will do just fine with the current clothes I have. If you can’t resist shopping, then go on Haight and go to the used clothes stores, there’s some decent stuff there. And it’s a lot cheaper than the downtown.

There’s a lot more that I’ve done to save money, but given the limited space I have, I can’t go over much more. These are basic, ordinary steps, nothing too difficult. I hope that these are some solutions to your crisis. Good day.

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