Now What?

How many times have you heard recently someone saying “well, I would buy that new laptop for school but.. with the economy how it is…” or “yeah I love organic food, but with the economy the way it is…” ???? It seems like what used to be just one part of our lives (the economy) now it influences our everyday decisions.
It was only a few years ago when people started being “catty” over whose turn it was to pay for gas, and now my friends and I just dread over lending each other five bucks for a cheeseburger. So what now? what do we do to get by through this economy crisis? well I personally do three things, first I try to buy my food at Costco or other grocery stores that have good bargains so I save money by not ordering food all the time like I used to. Also, when I go out to night clubs I make sure I get on the guest list do I don’t have to pay the 20$ entrance fee and I also only bring 20-40$ in cash so I don’t spend too much without realizing it. Finally, I keep track of how much I am spending by keeping tabs on my bank account online.
So in conclusion, just remember… sweating the small things could actually come in handy, when it comes to saving money.

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