PODCAST: Mission Community Market

Ariana Kudlo
Staff Writer

This week, media-involved students David Vileta and Liza Fisher find the food, company, and story they were looking for to use in their audio production 1 class.  Walking through The Mission District, the two were unsure about what where to spend their time and energy looking for a story, when they walked into Old Jerusalem, a restaurant on 26th St. and Mission St.  Fisher, who attended Birthright last summer, felt the restaurant had a familiar feeling of home, serving the delicious food of Jerusalem. With the environment ever changing in The Mission, Vileta and Fisher wanted details about the tech community moving in and taking over. Over food, Hajem, the owner, explained the past, present, and future for Old Jerusalem. Tune-in online to hear the full story.

[wpvideo mBfGXy2H]


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