PODCAST: Mission Community Market

Ariana Kudlo
Staff Writer

Sarah Frei, sophomore Media Studies major, ventured into the Mission on Bartlett and 22nd mid semester for her Audio Production class.  Fueled by a passion for food and community, she looked for a place that incorporated both within the district.  On Bartlett and 22nd, she found Mission Community Market.

In her audio podcast, the market’s goals are highlighted: to create a source for low-income families to buy fresh, healthy vegetables.  By giving the community the opportunity, families and individuals are deterred from buying frozen food and unhealthy snacks.  In regards to her experience, Frei says, “For an area that’s so culturally rich in it’s food, especially when many of the restaurants are expensive, it is important that people have access to affordable, healthy food.

[wpvideo yycfhZB9]

Photo Credits: Sarah Frei


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