Poetry Feature

Editor’s Note: This April marks the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Month, which celebrates creative writers and poets, of which USF has many. This month, the Scene section will feature a different student poet in each issue. 

Poems (typed and pictures): 


She walks like she wanders the alleyways of Spain

and her aura is as refreshing

as the forest after the summer rain

She moves through lovers

as fast as New York City

but her touch feels forever 

unlike her nature


She speaks like she is from LA

even though she is up north

from the bay

When she’s with you

she’ll paint you every color

but blue

but when she’s gone 

she’ll leave you in a chill

bones in a prattle 

like you got rained on

And she is Seattle 


Tonight we thought to do 

stick-and-poke tattoos

but afraid of commitment

I was anxious from the start

all I could think of was you

and if I were to get one

it would be your name

right over my heart

the only thing I’m sure of is you

Sam Gurango is a third-year environmental science major. Sam runs an Instagram account (@angeldsdivinity) on aesthetics, poetry, and self-love. 

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